Things that I would tell my teenage self…

OK so I’m hardly ‘Old’ but there are definitely a lot of things that I would go back and tell my teenage self. Here is a long list (and I’ve probably missed a few that will come to me later after a few G&Ts!)

You are your own worst critic (ok this still hasn’t changed) and one day you’ll look back at the smokin’ hot bod you had at 16 and realise what a fool you were for thinking you were fat or ugly.

Exfoliate. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise.

Don’t think you are fat or ugly just because you don’t have a boyfriend.

Wear a bikini… and hot pants…


When you get a boyfriend don’t let him treat you like crap – he should be grateful to have you, not the other way around. Oh and dump his ass when he says he didn’t realise it was Valentine’s Day, actually dump his ass when he says he won’t wait for sex… on second thoughts don’t date that idiot at all. You’re going to meet an amazing guy when you’re 17 anyway!
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