Tea and Crafting – Spooktacular Crafty Catch Up

Monday evening I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to the Tea and Crafting Spooktacular Crafty Catch Up. I love Tea and Crafting – a gorgeous hub for craft lessons and classes in Camden – where you can learn a new skill, meet friendly like-minded people and sip a hot mug of tea whilst doing so ­čÖé Jane and the others who teach with her are a lovely bunch of people, super patient (I mean they’ve managed to teach me to knit AND crochet which I’m sure took some patience!) and most of all are keen to share their creative talents – just like Albert says.


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Laundry Day

Out of all the household tasks that need to be done the laundry is the one I like the least. It’s a never ending circle of stains, of needing to remember to get the PE kit washed on certain days, and of trying to find the room to hang the clothes to dry in our tiny flat. And then of course once you’ve got a mountain of clean, dry, lovely scented clothes that mountain needs to be ironed and folded and put away. Ironing is just about the bane of my life!


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I remember the first time I saw this quote – it really struck a chord with me; we were a week into the 7 week long summer holidays and I’d been let down on a couple of days childcare for Lily. I had ended up keeping her at home with me whilst I worked and had just got off a conference call with some senior management guys that she’d interrupted by calling out for juice. I laughed it off on the call – made a joke about her being the one who had primed me for dealing with all of their demands and made frantic gestures at Lily to be quiet. I felt so hugely guilty when I put the phone down – guilt at being unprofessional but also guilt at being annoyed with Lily for simply asking for a drink. Later on during the holidays she would turn to me on a day when I was trying to submit a project deadline and had again been let down on childcare, tears in her eyes, and ask why it was that I wasn’t able to take her to the park or play barbie; “All of my friends have their mummies at home looking after them”. Another perfectly timed stab of guilt right in the gut…

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Travel – Prague – Part One #IvesonsOnTour

This summer we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend a week in Prague. Our kind and generous friends Martin, Katerina and their daughter Noemi invited us to stay with them in their lovely home so that we could explore their city.

Prague is a ┬ábeautiful city with a fascinating history and culture aplenty. It’s also one of the greenest and freshest feeling cities I have ever visited – it really does feel as though there is a park or garden on every street and the Vltava River ┬álazily winding┬áthrough the centre of the city lends to the feeling of space and the crispness of the air. That’s not to say it isn’t busy – the Old Town and Charles Bridge in particular are busy 24/7, the cobbled streets seeming to groan under the footfall of thousands of tourists however there are always little hidden oasis’ just waiting to be found and relished.

We flew from Gatwick to Vaclav Havel Airport where Martin and Noemi collected us – from the airport it was a short drive to┬áMal├í Strana, the district of Prague where we would be spending our week (and definitely the area I would recommend to any traveller to base themselves out of).

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The Bucket (or F*CK it) List


When I was 15 I sat down and wrote a list that I titled ‘The Plan’; it was, essentially, a list of all of the things I wanted to do before I was 30. It was a pretty long list with 62 items in total. A couple of weeks ago I found it tucked down behind my bed in my old room at my parents house. It was funny to read it but it also made me think a lot about what I had expected from my life and what I’ve achieved in the 12 years since I wrote it. In all honesty – I’ve not done much of it, just 6.5 out of the 62 items which made me feel a little sad. But instead of moping around about the lack of things I’d ticked off I decided to take it as an opportunity to rewrite my Bucket List, or as I’ve taken to calling it the F*CK it list – as in ‘Oh F*CK it lets just jump on a plane and go drink mojitos and salsa dance in Cuba’ ­čÖé

The list will be a work in progress and I’ve no doubt that it will change as time goes on, just like it’s changed since I first wrote it at 15. I’ve deleted a lot from my original list as many were things that just don’t appeal anymore, and the list is a real mix of big and small things that I’d like to do. To make it easier to find things as I work my way through I’ve split them into categories – Skills, Experiences, Travel and Misc. At the top you will see that I’ve added the 6.5 I’ve┬áticked off of my original plan as I love that feeling of satisfaction you get when you cross things off ha!

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