Laundry Day

Out of all the household tasks that need to be done the laundry is the one I like the least. It’s a never ending circle of stains, of needing to remember to get the PE kit washed on certain days, and of trying to find the room to hang the clothes to dry in our tiny flat. And then of course once you’ve got a mountain of clean, dry, lovely scented clothes that mountain needs to be ironed and folded and put away. Ironing is just about the bane of my life!


Between the three of us I seem to spend a huge chunk of my time washing, ironing, folding clothes and endlessly attempting to pair up socks. There are days when I take one look at the overflowing baskets of clothes and wish I could toss the whole lot over the balcony. Alas it’s not socially acceptable to go around in the nude, not to mention the fact that it can be pretty chilly at this time of year and I doubt our neighbours would appreciate a pile up of abandoned clothes in the communal gardens…

And so of course it’s a task that has to be completed regardless of my feelings on the matter so I’ve been thinking of ways in which I could make it a more enjoyable experience. Aside from paying someone lovely to do it (alas not affordable ££!) I racked my brains to come up with ways to improve the laundry situation in our home. My first plan is to set up a rota for washing so that I’m not rushing to get particular items ready on a Sunday evening for school the next day or so that I don’t end up accidentally putting every towel we own into the same wash. I think that will work well for me as i’m a sucker for being able to tick something off of my to-do list too!

My other idea is to make the laundry routine as pretty as I possibly can. And so I turned to the haven of all things pretty but practical – The Garden Trading Company – to see what they had that would make laundry days look a little better.


I was certainly not left disappointed by what they had in their online range. I love the simplicity and clean but pretty look of their product designs – they have a lovely combined feel of Scandi chic and country cottage style which is really to my taste. If I had the budget these are what I would buy for our home; the wooden clothes horse, beech ironing board, the ‘Hung Out to Dry’ glass storage jar with wooden pegs, the large Cadgwith rattan clothes basket, and the pretty glass fresh linen mister. I would still, of course, prefer to have a cleaner who could tackle it all whilst I lay around being a lady of leisure but as that’s not likely to ever happen, I would happily do it myself armed with these gorgeous pieces.

What makes your household chores a little more bearable?



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