Glasgow Packing

Glasgow Packing

On Friday I fly up to Glasgow for 6 days with family and friends (living the jetsetter life obvs) and so i’m working out what I want to pack. Weather wise it’ll be COLD… like really really cold… and the southerner in me is dreaming of thermals!

Part of my trip will be spent hot-tubbing in Loch Lomond, the rest will be in Troon (on the coast) and in Glasgow city centre sampling the best beers and food around *can’t wait*

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I actually can’t believe that it’s already the 22nd November – this month has completely flown by and it’s been full of amazing adventures – and there are still more to come before the end of the month!

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Christmas Gift List Ideas – for the man about town


In my last Gift Ideas post I shared some gift inspiration for the geeky guy which you can find here but this week’s focus is on some perfect pressies for the man about town

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Christmas Gift List Ideas – For the Geek guy


One of the things that I love about my hubby is how cutely geeky he is – he’s proud of his comic book collections and loves sharing his passion for all things movie, Star Wars, comics, book and game related (you can find his instagram here: Th3 G33k)

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Let’s Eat – Beef and Vegetable Pocket Pies

Yesterday I cooked a slow cooker beef stew – it was really yummy but as always whenever I make a stew *or a Roast Diner* I had tonnes of leftovers even after we’d all had seconds. I froze up a couple of portions to have later on during the week but then had a quick google online to see what else I could do with the mixed vegetables and meat that I had left.

PS my stew recipe is to chop up whatever veg is in the kitchen, add whatever meat is in the fridge (cubed), put it all in the slow cooker with a couple of Knorr stock pots or a Schwartz beef casserole mix then season and stick it on low for 9 hours (so easy!).

I eventually found this recipe for Lamb and Vegetable pastry triangles and decided to adapt it to suit what I had in the cupboard and fridge.

I drained my stew in a colander, chopped the vegetables smaller and shredded the large chunks of meat until I had enough to fill my pies. I also cooked up the last bit of a bag of frozen peas – just to add a little extra veg (in the stew I already had potatoes, carrots, swede, leek, onion and courgette)

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Travel – Prague – Part Four #IvesonsOnTour

This is the final post about our Prague trip – click for Part One, Part Two and Part Three of our trip!

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