Prague – Part Three

If you’ve not yet read the rest of our posts on Prague you can check out Part One here and Part Two here – let me know what you think!


The Dancing House/ Fred and Ginger

The next morning we got up early and headed over the river to see The Dancing House designed by architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić. Its a cool building but awkward to get a decent photo of!


St Peter and Paul Church spires

From there we headed up to Vysehrad park where there was once a castle fortress. There’s not much remaining of the castle now but the park is a really peaceful place and there are great views from the castle walls. Its quite a large park, set out around the stunning St Peter and Paul Church and cemetery.


Many of Prague’s great artists, scribes, musicians and politicians lie buried in the cemetery adjacent to the church and the cemetery itself is really beautiful. The graves and tombs are ornate and it’s nice to wander around the area.


I couldn’t get a photo that did justice to the inside of the Church – its simply breathtaking

img_0399 img_0400

View of the city from Vysehrad

The views from the park are incredible too – we were lucky to have such good weather whilst we visited and it’d be a great spot for a picnic – there are plenty of benches and seating areas dotted around that you can use


An artsy shot of my Trdelnik

There are a couple of cafes here too but we swerved those in favour of some Trdelnik in the Old Town Square on our way back – these are traditional sweet pastry topped with grilled sugar or cinnamon or almonds. My favourites were the cinnamon ones filled with nutella, I honestly don’t want to think about how many calories they were (particularly as I had a million of them over the course of the week!)

img_0412 img_0415

We got lost (again!) on our way back and saw some lovely bits of the city we hadn’t yet discovered, visited a farmers market on the riverside, saw the National Theatre and eventually found Cafe de Paris where we stopped for dinner; this was my favourite meal of the trip – the cafe is run by friends of our hosts and came highly recommended and it’s definitely the first place I think of when people have asked me where to eat in the city

img_0435 cr

We opted for the four course meal – french onion soup, mixed salad with mustard vinaigrette, a tender beef steak cooked in a sauce made of 47 different ingredients (top secret recipe!) with french fries, followed by my first ever creme brulee. I honestly think this was the best meal I’ve ever eaten – particularly when served up with some good local beer! Also the bill was a pleasant surprise – it was incredibly good value for money, much less than what you’d pay in just a regular chain restaurant in London!


The view on our walk back to the apartment. The rest of the night was spent in the sauna (perfect for easing the aches of doing so much walking!)

 img_0458 img_0461 img_0463

The Loreto/ Prague Loreta

The next morning we explored the Loreto – a beautiful baroque monument and a place of pilgrimage for Christians. It cost a couple of pounds to enter and you have to purchase an extra ticket if you want to take photographs – they give you a great big sticker to wear and if the guards see you taking photos without the sticker they will fine you so be warned! The Loreto chapel inside is a copy of the Holy House of Nazareth in the Italian Loreto; believed to be the place in which the Archangel Gabriel told Mary that she would become the mother of Jesus. The chapel is very ornately decorated, and honestly whilst beautiful it never sits too well with me how lavishly places of worship are designed.


Every hour the whole building is filled with the music of a Czech Marian hymn “ Tisíckrát pozdravujeme tebe” /Hail Mary a Thousand Times” which really lends itself to the atmosphere of the visit.





After our visit we took a short wander around the area, taking photos of doors again (me!) and sipping delicious fresh coffee (both!) before going back to the apartment to meet up with our hosts and Lily again for our last couple of days



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