Christmas Gift List Ideas – For the Geek guy


One of the things that I love about my hubby is how cutely geeky he is – he’s proud of his comic book collections and loves sharing his passion for all things movie, Star Wars, comics, book and game related (you can find his instagram here: Th3 G33k)

This gift list is full of ideas for things to buy the cute geek in your life 🙂

Men’s Class of 77 Star Wars t-shirt from Truffle Shuffle and by the way these guys do some AMAZING t-shirts and gifts

GeekCook Felt Laptop Bag – this is a stylish alternative to a boring black laptop bag, and is the perfect shape for transporting comic books back from Forbidden Planet too!

Scott already has this Star Wars Lightsaber Mug – he was like a kid at Christmas when he first used it and all the lightsabers lit up

This Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Construction Kit would definitely go down well in our house, albeit not with me as I’d have to dust it *sigh*

Scott has a few different POP vinyl figurines and I’m pretty sure he’d love this Deadpool one to add to his collection – there are tonnes of these from every movie and book you can imagine. I even have an Eric Northman from True Blood one, although he’s not big enough to do bad things to 😉

I’ll never understand the obessesion with Zelda but its one of my husband’s favourite ever games – he’d love this Zelda Triforce Lamp – unluckily for him it doesn’t match my decorating so he’ll have to hold out for that one until we have a place big enough for a games room!

I’d love some more ideas of things to get my cute geek for Christmas so do feel free to share in the comments and I’ll be back with some more Gift List Ideas soon!



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