I actually can’t believe that it’s already the 22nd November – this month has completely flown by and it’s been full of amazing adventures – and there are still more to come before the end of the month!

Going: ICELAND (!) // Nights out with friends // In Bed (well deserved rest!)

Doing: Ticking off plenty of things on my Bucket (or F*CK It) List // Floating in the Blue Lagoon//Drinking cocktails // Planning Travels//Hygge

Eating: the best burgers in Reykjavik // Tomato Soup//Afternoon Tea

Listening: Biffy Clyro// Rogue Valley //Svavar Knútur

Reading: Snowblind (Dark Iceland) by  Ragnar Jónasson // Beer O`Clock: Craft, Cask and Culture by Jane Peyton// Lonely Hearts Travel Club: Destination Thailand by Katy Collins

Wearing: Thermals// Stupid Bobble Hats// Warm Socks


How has your month been so far?



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