My Luxury (if money was no object) Wish List

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?!) I’m not a Kardashian and my bank balance certainly doesn’t have as many zeros as I’d like so clearly I’m not actually expecting to find any of these under my Christmas tree this year *I’ve not been that nice Santa*


If I did have a limitless cash fund (or wealthy friends!) then these are the things that would be top of my luxury wishlist 🙂

Jimmy Choo Romy 85 pumps in Red Suede – these babies get me all hot and bothered under the collar just looking at them – imagine how hot I’d feel actually wearing them!

I love Alex Monroe’s designs and am always popping into the store to browse as it’s local to me – browse being the key word there! This journey pendant is so beautiful and feels very ‘me’

A Macbook Pro because I blew mine up years ago (don’t ask!) and never replaced it 🙁

A Mulberry Lily bag – I have a thing for Mulberry bags and this design is classic, simple and is called Lily which I think means it’s fated to be in my life at some point…

1920s jewellery is always stunning – this antique emerald and diamond ring not only features my favourite gemstone but I love the emerald cut of the stones and the unique details

The Sony Cyber-Shot Camera – I have my lovely big camera but its just so BIG; I would love a compact camera for out and about; plus this one video capability and built in WiFi making it easier to upload to my laptop

The Gucci Soho Disco bag – I have a thing for red bags clearly, and this bag is just so beautiful – perfectly sized for a day out shopping or for a night out with friends; in fact a couple of my friends have them in different colours and I’m just even more obsessed after spending the day with them!

Pomegranate Noir is one of my favourite Jo Malone scents – I’d love a selection please; with matching candles and bath oils and hand creams – cheers!

And of course last but certainly not least – I’d love a road trip across America taking in Route 66 and all of my wishlist destinations in the states, doing the trip in a red convertible with racing stripes would be a bonus!

Oh and anything from Louboutin, Agent Provocateur, Coco De Mer, Chanel or Vivienne Westwood would be welcome under the tree too 😉

What would be on your luxury wishlist?

Alex xxx

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