The (not Big, not Fat) Quiz of The Year 2016 – reflections on the year & goals for 2017 tag!

Gosh that title is a bit of a mouthful isn’t it? Thank heavens i’m not writing this hungover (or still drunk!) – I actually love this feeling of waking up on New Years Day sober and fresh after a decent night’s sleep!

2016 was a strange year – in a way it flew by but there were also times where it seemed to drag on forever (especially that night where I stayed up to watch the US election results and cried into my cereal!!!)

I have done some amazing things this year, met some incredible people and had some fantastically fun times. Yet of course there has been darkness in this year too – and i’m not just talking on a global scale a la Trump and Brexit; for me my battles with anxiety and depression have really come to the fore, I ended my relationship with my mother after my parent’s horrendous divorce *although on reflection that’s only been a positive experience for me*, I have lost friends and family and I have had a very stressful work year. But I look at those things and whilst they were definitely negative parts of 2016 I can honestly say I am in a happier place now than I would have been if I hadn’t gone through them – I am so much stronger than I ever realised that I was; and that’s a really amazing thing for me to have realised.

Enough of the rambling; Rebecca at Mummy Est.2014, Jen at Just Average Jen and Lorna at Mums Wine HQ tagged me to join in with ‘The (not Big, not Fat) Quiz of the Year 2016 and so here goes:

What was your highlight of 2016?

Ooooh….. this is so hard because I really did get to do some amazing things in 2016… I’m going to have to pick three:

  • Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland (I’ve still not got round to blogging this but I will do!)
  • Our family holiday to Prague
  • GLASGOW!!!


The Northern Lights – photo by Carla Thomas Photo – my friend and travel buddy!

Name one thing you are likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

It was the year EVERYTHING changed – that’s what I’ll remember the most. It was the year pretty much everything fell apart – and probably the toughest year I’ve had personally but I got through it and that’s what I’m taking with me.

Sum up 2016 in one word


Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry through 2017

Stop giving so many fucks! I have realised that you can never please everybody, that not everybody deserves to be in your life regardless of whether or not you are related, that it’s good to do the things that your soul and heart craves, that I can be alone when I need to be, that worrying about things won’t make them change, that I need to be kinder to myself and above all – stop giving a fuck what everybody else thinks because at the end of the day I make my own path in life.


Do you have any new year resolutions?
I don’t really ‘do’ resolutions so not really. I have aims and goals instead that I would like to achieve *see below*
How are you seeing in the new year?
Oops i’m posting a day late (bad blogger!) but whilst I had plans for a big night out I ended up chilling at home; Chinese takeaway, Hendricks gin, comfy pjs and toasted in the New Year like that!
What are your main goals for 2017?
I’d like to tick more off of my Bucket List, I’d like to travel more, I’d like to eat less meat, I’d like to stop giving so many fucks ha! One of the things that I want to do this year is to walk the West Highland Way for Macmillan and so getting fitter will play a big part in that.
Well that’s it! Hope you all have a fantastic New Year!
I am tagging Hayley from One Clueless Mumma and Jemma from Mayflower Blogs and Care from Care Johnson 🙂
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    Wow what an amazing 2016 you had! Hope you have a fab 2017 🙂 x

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