Back to work blues…and skincare woes!


I worked up until Christmas Eve then had a few days off so today is my first full day back at work in 10 days. WHY is it soooo much harder to go back to work after a nice break?

I’m quite lucky in a way that I get to work from home – it means no horrific commute into the office, but it also means that it’s incredibly hard to separate work and home life and I end up working more hours than I did when I commuted. I wouldn’t have had much choice about working from home this week anyway as I appear to have broken something in my foot *yay me*

I got up at 7 this morning, had a coffee that the hubby prepared for me (I’m not a morning person and literally cannot deal with conversation until I’ve drunk my coffee), ate a big bowl of porridge and now i’m sat typing this – counting down the minutes until I have to start my working day. I’ve already taken a sneak peek at my inbox – 597 unread emails await me. Just the thought makes me want to cry! Although I have to admit I think I’ve made it worse for myself as I know the next few work weeks will be super stressful and so I’m struggling to get my head around how much work I am actually going to have to do. At least I’ve been an organised blogger and scheduled in a couple of posts each week 🙂

Another thing that doesn’t help with the back to work blues is the fact that it’s been a long time since I was really, truly happy and excited about my role. I hate to sound all entitled millennial but I miss having a job that made me eager to get cracking at the start of the day. I know I can do my job but it feels like I’m not pushing myself to excel because I simply am unsure that I even want to be doing it right now!? Does that even make sense?! I’m a bit stuck in a professional rut – hopefully I can drag myself out of it!

Also my skin at the moment is worse than it’s been since I was a teenager – seriously! I have dry skin and tonnes of spots coming up which is not something I usually get. I don’t look after my skin as well as I should have; I’ve always been a wash and go (occasionally moisturising) kinda gal – clearly this is no longer working for me so I’d appreciate some recommendations for products/skincare routines if you have any! In the meantime i’m searching for a beauty salon offering facials nearby and hoping someone will treat me!



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