#TheGoldenBurpee – Week 2

Gosh this week has completely flown by and has been immensely stressful for me thanks to work related issues BUT I’m really pleased to say that whereas usually I would have used that as an excuse to slack off I’ve actually used it to my advantage…homework

I work from home and have done for about 8 months and I found that whilst it increased my work productivity it has also increased my stress levels and my working hours – whereas before I would do my hour commute (a mix of walking and bus) and arrive at the office at 9am, leaving at five to get home for 6pm, now I’m on my laptop by 8:15 and often still typing away atgone 6:30 without having taken a lunch break. Even on days where I finish late I’ll find myself ‘just checking’ emails after my little one has gone to bed and that invariably leads to more working hours. It’s something I find I’m becoming quite resentful of – and I have realised that this needs to change as its having a damaging affect on my health.


Since getting my Fitbit Charge 2 I’ve been setting myself mini goals and this weeks my goal was to increase my step and stair count seven days in a row – this meant that I needed to take a lunch break in order to go for a walk, swap taking the bus to the supermarket for walking, and taking the stairs in our building instead of the lift. I’m really pleased that each day I have met my target of 10k steps and 5 stair climbs!

It might not seem like a lot but as I spoke about in my last #TheGoldenBurpee post – I’m a complete beginner again when it comes to exercise and I’m taking it slowly ALSO I have a fractured foot (oops!) so am having to keep an eye on how much I do so I don’t damage it whilst its healing 🙂


At the weekend I also treated myself to some new trainers, a pair of sports leggings and a couple of Inspiring workout tops (the vest in the photo was just £6 from Asda of all places!) – I’m hoping that they will help motivate me to get my butt in gear and start working out once my foot has healed up…



Buggies and Barbells

12 thoughts on “#TheGoldenBurpee – Week 2

  1. I am so glad to see that you have opted to take a break and carry out some fitness, too much work definitely isn’t healthy and the fitness training will help to release endorphins. I too have just put an order in for more gym attire, I think a little treat to yourself goes a long way to keeping your spirits high.

    • Thanks Steven – my focus this year is on getting a better balance. Last year I burnt out completely by the end of the year and I have come to realise that my career just isn’t worth it if i’m sacrificing my health!

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