A Simpler Life… Drink More Water & Brita Fill and Go Review

My skin for the past six or so months has been going completely nuts – I don’t know if its simply stress, or not having the healthiest of diets, all the alcohol consumed over the last few months of 2016, the pill – or perhaps a combination of all of the above! I’ve also been getting really bad headaches and when I visited my opticians I mentioned them to him – my prescription hadn’t changed since my last appointment so he suggested that they could be due to dehydration which is something I’d never considered!


I used to spend a fortune on various products that claimed to ‘cure’ any skin issue you can imagine but as I’m cutting back on spending in order to save money and live more intentionally I have decided to forego a trip to the beauty counters of House of Fraser and instead try what could be called ‘the oldest beauty trick in the book’ – drinking more water.

I’m a big fan of water…. when it’s in the sea, or the swimming pool, or a bubble bath or refreshing shower… but to drink? Not so much! I’ve never ever really enjoyed drinking water – the taste of tap water and the fact that its unfiltered has always put me off, particularly as we live in a hard water area so drinking the water always leaves a funny taste in my mouth.  Also I read up on all of the different chemicals and pesticides such as Chlorine, Fluoric acid, Aluminium Sulphate, and even hormones that can be found in unfiltered tap water – not to mention the fact that it travels through pipes that are lord knows how old and dirty.


To help with that I bought myself a Brita Fill and Go and it honestly makes such a difference to the taste of the water – the best thing is that I don’t need to wait for a traditional fridge filter jug to filter the water and these bottles don’t take up a lot of room in the fridge either. I’ve been filling mine every morning and somehow managing to drink that my lunchtime at which point I refill it again and I do the same before dinner too! I’ve been doing that for about a week now and already feel a lot more hydrated (and so does my body if the amount i’m needing to go to the toilet is anything to go by! *TMI*!) Now my challenge to myself is to drink 4 of these bottles a day – each holds 600ml so that’s 2.4 litres in total!

It’s also handy for taking out and about – it fits perfectly in my only handbag (yeah I know – one handbag, what can I say I’m trying to be minimalist remember?) and also fits in the side pocket of the mini rucksack Scott brings out when we go out for a family day together. Both he and Lily now want their own Fill and Go bottles now!  Because the bottle has a filter built into it I can refill it with any tap water when we are out and about and still have the safety and improved taste of filtered water without the cost of buying a bottle of water (or reverting to grabbing a bottle of fizzy drink!).


You have to insert a BRITA Fill&Go filter Disc once a week and there are 4 filter discs included with the Fill&Go bottle and the replacement discs aren’t too expensive – they had them on sale in Tesco so I stockpiled a few. It’s really easy to clean too – it’s got a wide mouth so you just wash it up like a normal cup – nothing fiddly to try and get clean to put me off of using it!!


A friend suggested that I try infusing fresh water with fruit to improve the taste in that way and so I tried it with my Brita Fill and Go bottle – I thought that the filtering process might stop you from getting the taste of the fruit but actually I’ve tried a few different flavours and they’ve all worked really well – I’m a big fan of the lemon and grapefruit variation.

I’ve taken a before picture – and will take an after picture in a couple of weeks to see if there’s any noticeable difference in the state of my skin, we shall see if the old beauty tip works – even if it doesn’t I am sure my health will benefit 🙂


Sorry if the picture frightens you (I probably should have put a warning!) but that’s my face – makeup free, unbrushed hair, completely au-natural and not particularly symmetrical! I doubt in a couple of weeks of drinking more water I’ll look like Claudia Schiffer when I wake up but who knows?! Worth a shot 😉

What are your basic, budget friendly skincare tips? Do you get the recommended 8 glasses a day? Please hit me up with any flavourful fruity combos I can add to my water too!



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  • Reply mummabear January 13, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    Oooh where are these from!?

    • Reply bettertogetherhome January 13, 2017 at 7:54 pm

      I picked mine up in Tesco (they had a special offer on!) but you can probably pick them up in most supermarkets/department stores 🙂 xx

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