Meal Plan Monday

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know I’ve been on a no-waste, minimum spend challenge when it comes to groceries (you can read more here) and as part of that I’ve started planning our weekly meals to help me make the best use of what we have available.


I thought I’d start sharing my meal plans every week – bear in mind that when it comes to weekday lunches Scott eats separate meals he has already batch cooked at the start of the month and frozen, Lily has school dinners and I will usually eat leftovers or a simple pasta dish (or even a bowl of porridge) as I work from home so can just heat things up or cook something quick and easy!

Breakfast each day for me is porridge, Scott has a protein shake on his walk to work and Lily eats at her school breakfast club. I have included our lunches for Sunday as we will all be home and eating together but on Saturday we have a birthday party so will be eating there 🙂

Monday – Fish fillets with green beans and peas with basil butter

Tuesday – King Prawn Pasta

Wednesday – Quesadillas (made with leftovers from the veggie chilli here)

Thursday – Feta and Spinach Filo Pie

Friday – Thai green curry with prawns

Saturday – Curry Prawn Rice with chapatis

Sunday – Jacket Potatoes, Beans and Cheese/ Tuna Fish Cakes and Salad

I have a huge bag of king prawns in the freezer that I would like to use up this week – hence prawns featuring in three of our dinners! If we stick to all of these meals then the ONLY thing I need to buy this week is a packet of tortilla wraps (I’ll freeze the extras too for next week’s meals)

I’m expecting to spend around £5 this week on tortilla wraps and some milk – not bad for an entire week’s worth of shopping!



8 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday

  1. Oh I love quesadillas! The king prawn pasta sounds delicious as does the feta and spinach pie! Thank you for sharing with #mealplanningmonday x

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