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Morning everyone!

So yesterday I mentioned a new series that I’m starting on the blog – it’s called ‘This Parenting Lark’ and will feature a different guest blogger each fortnight who will be sharing a bit about themselves and their lives.

The idea for this blog series came from a quote I saw a few times on the last International Women’s Day; it said ‘You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down’ and it’s something that has stuck with me ever since. For me it relates to being a parent too – so often we feel judged, or different, or that we aren’t doing things the same way as everyone else. And so this series is for all parents (not just the mums) and it’s to share, to get to know each other, to lift each other up and to celebrate parents in all of their shapes and forms and lifestyle choices!

 This week the beautiful Jemma from Mayflower Blogs is joining us 🙂 I met Jemma at a bloggers event last year and we clicked right away – I love her and i’m sure you will too!

So without further ado – here she is…

Hey Jemma thanks for joining us!
So tell us a little bit about yourself and your family
I am 30 years old, a mum to two kids and a wife to my husband of 7 years. 
I live in a tiny corner of the south east of England in Kent, and I’m a full time stay at home mum-who Blogs!

Tell us a little bit about your blog

My blog was first set up as a kind of journal. I didn’t do it for anyone to read. 
Shortly after I got the confidence to write about my battle with mental health and my miscarriages and it kind of just spiralled from there.  Now I blog about all of those things, with additional reviews of products, events and guest blogs/linkies. 

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Weekdays, most start with me dragging my sleepy self out of bed. I take my son to school and if my daughter has nursery we go straight there. 

I then either come home, do housework and some blog work, or I go and meet with friends or family. 
Days where she doesn’t have nursery we tend to come home and do stuff together.  Weekends we never have set plans because my husband is so flipping indecisive! 

 What was your pregnancy and labour like?

Kye’s was a slow labour taking 36 hours in total. 
I had gas and air and pethidine, something i massively regret was the pethidine because it made me spaced out and Kye didn’t cry for 3 days because he had it in his system too. I was a little railroaded into it by my husband and mother in law to be honest!
Olivia’s was amazing. I wished it had been horrific so it put me off, but I’d do that labour all the time if I could. 
I spent the last 4 months of my pregnancy with her, training my breathing in hypnobirthing techniques. 
My waters went at home with her 9 days after my due date. 
I had meconium in my water, so I couldn’t have the water birth I’d wanted or walk around as much as I wanted but I zoned out on just the hypnobirthing techniques and had gas and air during pushing. She was out within 2 hours.  

How did you choose your kids names?

Kye was difficult. He was going to be an Ayla if he was a girl, and initially was Lucas. We discussed names on our honeymoon when I was 4 and a half months pregnant, knowing our scan was shortly after our arrival home. 
During a Google on my phone or Irish baby boy names once we found out he was a boy, I saw kye-meaning “strong warrior” and we both fell in love with it.
His middle names are George and Peter, after my grandad and Keirons grandad.
Olivia-May was entirely my choice. Keiron basically insisted on Kye. So I said if we ever had a girl it would be my choice. I always loved Olivia-and my absolute hero was my Nan, May. So it just worked as a double barrelled first name. Her middle name is Barbara after Keiron’s nan.

What is your favourite film?

I hate these questions! I have too many! Films I always go back to re-watch would be; Dirty Dancing, Bridget Jones, all Harry Potters and Friends with Benefits. 

What is the best thing about being a parent?

The pride. I literally have never felt anything like it before. My husband has made me proud in things he’s done during our relationship, but those are things like new jobs and achievements there. 
Literally everything my kids do make me proud!

And what is the toughest?

Personally the anxiety. I suffer from anxiety anyway but the constant worry and fear I face on a regular basis regarding my children is off the scale.
I’m well aware this isn’t even remotely the same for the majority of parents but it is in my crazy world!

How do you relax?

A bath, doing my nails, candles, alcohol!

Where is your favourite place – both as an individual and as a family? 

Well my husband always says it’s my bed. Every night I say it is!

As a family we love just going for a walk around where we live. The beauty of living by the coast is that everywhere is so pretty!

What are your favourite and least favourite household chores?

 I don’t mind hoovering. There’s something quite satisfying in that job. And polishing. Because it’s so easy.
I HATE washing up. But am VERY good at loading the dishwasher. 
Oh, and putting clothes away. I hate that so much. What a horrid monotonous job for us grown ups!
In all honesty, I think we should all be entitled to a cleaner. *I LOVE this idea!*

If you were Queen for the day what would you do?

I’d just enjoy being waited on!

What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever been given?

“No children are the same. Stop comparing them and focus on moulding yours how you think is best, not how others dictate is best.”

What makes you happy?

Money!!!! (Only kidding-well half kidding). Money or lack of money has the ability to sway my mood massively. 
Aside from that, happy kids, healthy kids, and the same happy, healthy balance for my family too. 

What is your favourite quote or mantra for life?

My favourite one isn’t one I often go by but I try to as it would make my life so much easier and relaxed. “Stop trying to control everything-you can’t! Just let each day come and go with what happens in the present, you can’t predict the future so stop trying to!”
(Oh and my dad has one) “don’t stress about things you can’t control”.

And finally – finish this sentence ‘I am doing a great job at this parenting lark because…’ 

They’re still alive aren’t they?
Thanks so much to Jemma for being the first blogger to join in with the This Parenting Lark series – loving your answers (and glad you’ve managed to keep the kids alive ha!) You can find Jemma at the below links, do go check her out, she’s amazing!


Instagram: @MayflowerBlogs

Twitter: @mayflowerblogd


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