Fitbit Charge 2 Review: And how I’m using it to get fit!

I mentioned the other day in my #TheGoldenBurpee post that I recently got the Fitbit Charge 2 as a present from Scott (my husband) and that I am planning to walk the West Highland Way for Macmillan Cancer Support this summer (it’s a 96 mile walk eek!). I am determined to get fitter this year and I really think that using the Fitbit will help me achieve my goals 🙂


Now that my fractured foot is healed I am starting to do lots of long walks in preparation for the WHW, and whilst waiting for it to heal up over the last few weeks I set myself a minimum step count of 10k per day to increase my general fitness and motivate me to set myself better habits! Having my Fitbit with me every step of the way definitely keeps me on track and helps to motivate me to keep going when I’m struggling – even with my sore foot I found it really useful.

I love the fact that it monitors my heart rate with its PurePulse technology and lets me know when I am pushing myself enough to meet my targets, at the moment I am walking purely for distance but once my fitness level is better I will go back to jogging and so will be able to use the Fitbit’s monitoring tools to increase my speed and cardio health.

Probably the most useful function of the Fitbit for me is the fact that it gives me alert minders to get up and get moving! I work long hours at home and get so sucked into my job that I can easily spend 8 hours straight sat in the same position. Now the Fitbit vibrates on my wrist and encourages me to get up and walk around – it really makes a difference to my daily step count even if I just take a short walk to my kitchen to make myself a cup of green tea.

I also like the fact that the Fitbit maps my route for me, showing me how far I have walked each time I go out. It doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS so you need to carry your synced up mobile phone with you but I can’t see that ever being a problem – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t leave the house without theirs anyway!

When I set my Fitbit up I pretty much mocked the idea of the silent alarm – I LOVE my sleep and I thought that I slept really deeply (turns out not so much!) so I didn’t expect that it would be enough to wake me up but actually the silent alarm has woken me up every morning since I started using it and it’s a much more pleasant way to be woken up than the screech of an alarm set on my phone!

I’ve found the sleep tracking functions really interesting – I always thought that I slept really deeply without being disturbed and could never understand why I always wake up feeling tired; yet I can now see that I spend a lot of my night quite restless and awake in short bursts. I’ve not yet pinpointed why (although the fact that I slept through all night without any restlessness in another bed makes me think it might be because of our uncomfortable mattress!) I’m going to keep an eye on the sleep stats to see what else I can gleam from them!

The stats themselves really help me to focus and plan ahead to try and beat my own numbers the following day (except for calorie consumption that is ha!)

Do you have a Fitbit? Can you recommend any other apps I might like to try?



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4 thoughts on “Fitbit Charge 2 Review: And how I’m using it to get fit!

    • Thanks Steven. I’m a newbie to getting fit so I find it really helpful – i’m increasing my steps everyday and using it to set myself small goals. Once I’m able to run on my foot it’ll be even handier for getting distances 🙂

  1. LISS is a great way to carry out cardio and at the same time burn fat. I would love to see some pictures of the nice sights whilst you are on your walks. I find taking nice picture an added bonus of LISS cardio. #TheGoldenBurpee

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