Our Favourite Children’s Books – Age 6+

We are a family of avid readers. Both myself and Scott read a lot – I love nothing more than to curl up with a good paperback or my kindle and escape to a World of adventure or romance! I’m really glad that a love of reading is something that Lily has inherited from us and it’s great that she’s now at an age where we can start to share our favourite chapter books with her; in fact we are about to start reading The Worst Witch stories (my amazing sister got Lily a copy as part of her Christmas present) which was one of my favourites growing up. These are a few of our favourites from the last few months and are perfect for little readers 6 years and up πŸ™‚



We are huge fans of Julia Donaldson in this house – ever since Lily was tiny we’ve all loved reading her books so when her Great-Nanny got Lily this book ‘Christmas with Princess Mirror-Belle‘ for Christmas we dived right in. The book has two stories in and is illustrated by Lydia Monks who has created the artwork for several of Julia’s books that we’ve already read. The stories are about Ellen who gets a bit of a surprise when her reflection comes to life and causes all sorts of mayhem! Lily thought the stories were funny and we are looking forward to reading some of the other titles in the series too!


I’m a massive Terry Pratchett fan so when I spotted this children’s book he wrote I had to snap it up. The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner: And Other StoriesΒ is full of stories about all sorts of crazy goings on. In typical Pratchett style they are weird, wonderful, nonsensical and a joy to read and many of his trademark writing styles are shown. The book is also beautifully illustrated and we loved how certain words are highlighted, or made to stand out from the page with different fonts – eg BANG and STOP are written to take up a whole line – Lily delighted in shouting those words out!


Scott and Lily have not long started reading this book together – it’s a lot wordier than other books she’s read and is probably aimed at children slightly older but the story is beautiful and listening to them read is bringing back my own memories of enjoying this book with my dad. So far Lily is really enjoying it and we’ve been doing basic comprehension exercises to help the story stick – talking about it, asking each other questions and even doing crafts that link into the story (I’ll share more of those another day!)


And last on today’s list (but certainly not least) is ‘How to train your dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. You might have heard of Hiccup the viking and his dragon adventures in the popular movie of the same title – we loved the film and so decided to try the book. Just a note the book is VERY different from the film which actually was good as we were able to enjoy it without the irritation of already knowing the whole story. I’ve decided that Hiccup is probably one of my own favourite protagonists – it’s nice getting a better feel for him as a character through the book and I’m loving how much detail the author has put into creating the World he lives in. Β I also like that the author uses standard narrative and doesn’t ‘dumb it down’ for the sake of the fact she is writing for a younger audience – it’s genuinely enjoyable to still read this book as an adult too.

I’m sure this list will change (and likely get a lot longer) as Lily’s reading ability grows too so I’ll keep you all updated of any other books we are LOVING throughout this year πŸ™‚

Have you got any books you can recommend? Let us know!



14 thoughts on “Our Favourite Children’s Books – Age 6+

  1. Animals of Farthing Wood – now that’s a throwback for me! There’s a few I’ve not heard of here so might have to invest in a couple for my class πŸ™‚

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