Meal Planning Monday // When Life Gets in The Way…

My plan this week was to have another #mealplanningmonday post to share with you (and to do so every Monday) but sometimes life just… gets in the way…

Sadly my great uncle passed away and so tomorrow I fly up to Scotland to go to his funeral and to take care of my Nan – my flight is early morning and I’m not back until Saturday which means I’ll spend most of this week in my favourite place (unfortunately not for a positive reason).

The week after I’m back up there twice – once for a meeting and the other time to see Still Game live and so the next two weeks will be really hectic and busy for me.

As such I’m not going to have the time to plan out all of our meals, shop to a budget or cook nice fresh food for my family – Scott will be in charge of the cooking for the next few days so tonight I’ll stock up the fridge with some super easy basics for the two of them to eat (also he’s having his friends up one evening so that night they will probably order in takeaway *there goes the minimal spending budget ha!*

And so here’s the ‘very loose and likely to change’ meal plan for this week…


Monday: Sausage, mash potatoes and peas

Tuesday: Slow cooker beef casserole (I’ll prep it tonight then throw it all in the slow cooker and switch it on before I leave for the airport tomorrow so that it will be done for when Scott gets home from work

Wednesday: Takeaway (and up in Glasgow I’ll be having a Burns Night supper!)

Thursday: Thai Green Curry ready meal for Scott (Lily has a sleepover at nanny’s)

Friday: Spaghetti Carbonara

Saturday: One-tray prawn fajitas

Sunday: Roast Chicken Dinner

Clearly there will be no amazing £5 budget for this week – although I doubt this week’s shopping will cost more than £30 *not including the takeaway*, I’ll be using peas and sausages from the freezer tonight, we have tonnes of parmesan in the fridge and so only need cream for the carbonara and the other meals are simple with only a few ingredients – I’ll let you know how it goes!

Last week’s meals were a hit EXCEPT for the king prawn pasta which clearly didn’t work with defrosted prawns – it just tasted awful tbh and ended up in the bin which meant porridge for dinner ha! #nothinglikehonesty



4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday // When Life Gets in The Way…

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you enjoy your Burns Night meal, we are not Scottish but always have one! Thinking about you during this hard time x

  2. Sorry to hear you’re heading to your favourite place for such a sad reason – I think you deserve mega Brownie points for having dinner in the slow cooker before heading to the airport ! Oh dear – what went wrong with the prawns ?!

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