It’s the Little Things 2/52

I have a really stressful job with lots of deadlines. It means I spend a lot of my time anxious and irritated and I find myself being really snappy with the people around me. It’s all made a million times worse when life outside of work gets stressful too. I’m writing this from a Glasgow coffee shop – I flew up yesterday (after a nightmare journey to the airport), tomorrow is my Uncle’s funeral and my nan (who I was supposed to be accompanying) is too ill to attend so I’ll be heading there by myself which is kicking my anxiety into overdrive. And yet here I am taking five minutes out to think about the little things that make me happy and grateful this week, and actually it’s really helping me to get a grip on myself *sometimes you really need somebody to give you a kick up the arse to remind you how blessed you really are (even if it is yourself)*…


1. I’m writing this post from my favourite coffee shop (Tinderbox) on Byres Road in GLASGOW (my favourite place)

2. I have an amazingly supportive husband who told me to go to Glasgow whilst he holds up the fort at home and organises the school runs and dinners and all the stuff I normally sort out


3. I took my first trip on the Glasgow Subway this morning (the ‘Clockwork Orange’) – it’s fast, cheap, you can’t get lost and it’s super clean and pretty compared to London underground!

4. I have wonderful friends and family who have gone out of their way to put me up this week so I could be here to support my family

5. Despite the sad occasion for my trip I get to see many of my family members tomorrow, including cousins who I haven’t seen for 17 years (!!) and we get to come together to celebrate the life of a wonderful man who I will always remember for telling the best stories

6. I have pretty burgundy nails thanks to Viktorija

7. Did I mention that I’m in Glasgow?!

It’s amazing how much better you feel when you sit back and take stock of those little things that make you lucky/happy/grateful at any one moment. Gratitude is something I definitely need to spend more time thinking about. In the meantime I think I’ll order another cinnamon latte, not check the calorie content of aforementioned drink, and work my way through the afternoon until its time to go meet up with some friends for a Burn’s Night Burger 🙂

Alex xx

Dilan and Me


7 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things 2/52

  1. I love this, I’m so pleased that our little linky is helping people to take five minutes and find some good because it makes so much difference. Hope you enjoyed your latte my darling, you most definitely deserve it xx #itsthelittlethingslinky

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