Sisters & Friends – and why I couldn’t live without my ‘sisters’

Until I was 11 I was an ‘only child’. My brother was born not long after my eleventh birthday and he came into my life Miley Cyrus style – screeching and, in my young eyes at least, wrecking EVERYTHING. My parents are pretty adamant that I’d begged for a sibling – I’m not so sure, and if I had I’m pretty certain I wanted a refund when he first arrived. Fast forward a couple of years and suddenly I loved this little brother of mine – he made me laugh, would giggle when I pulled funny faces and insisted on watching Toy Story and Thomas and the Magic Railroad on repeat (both of which I complained about but secretly loved); he would beg me to play trains or cars, would follow me around the house and once when he was about five I came home to find him and his friends rooting through my underwear drawers with my bras on their heads… needless to say I moved out pretty soon afterwards ha!

As much as I love him, it really does feel like we are different generations – and I’m sure the feeling is mutual; after all he was still in primary school when I was moving out, and was still in primary school when I had a child of my own. He’s a great kid, and now an adult, but 11 years is a pretty long gap and honestly despite being siblings I think for both of us it felt more like we were are ‘only children’ which will seem strange to anyone who hasn’t experienced such a big age gap. If you think about it Jack and I only lived together for 6 years; not very long at all!

My family isn’t particularly close, particularly not after my parent’s divorce – I’m close to my dad and that’s about it really; in fact I don’t have a relationship with my mum AT ALL; and even growing up we were never close-knit (which is probably why I fantasised about growing up to have a family like the Waltons *goodnight John Boy*). I really think that’s why over the years I have developed such a close-knit friendship group – it’s very much as though I have created my own ‘family’ unit; for me your family is not the people you are related to by blood or marriage – it’s the people who take you into their hearts and keep you there; the ones who you can always rely on, the ones you love above everything else.

If anyone asks if I have sisters I say yes. Resoundingly, resolutely YES. Because in my heart and in mind I have four beautiful sisters – four girls who I love above everything, who never fail to make me smile, who have my back when I need it, who would fight for me, who support me and love me despite all of my flaws and who are the most wonderful aunties to my little girl.


Gul. We’ve never managed to agree how old we were when we met – I say 4 she says 6 but either way, I can’t remember my life without her! We moved in opposite each other and within minutes of meeting we were best friends; she’s my soul mate – 100%.  I can’t thank her enough for always being there for me – we’ve rowed once in our entire friendship (because me and her little sister Gulseren both wanted to be Posh Spice ahem); she’s the one I can go to about everything and there’s never been anything that I haven’t shared with her.

I have so many funny memories with her; sneaking off to the West End, telling ghost stories, building a ‘house’, sitting in Asda crying because I’d lost my virginity *HA*, sunbathing in Balalan, dance parties in her bedroom, burning my ears with her GHDs, watching Mean Girls on repeat. we are those girls with ‘in-jokes’ that nobody else gets ‘Crispy Lantin!’ (yeah we are those annoying people!), we even have ‘our song’ – Kevin Little ‘turn me on’ incase you were wondering. We rarely go a day without talking, even if we have nothing to say we still chat all day on Whatsapp. She’s my biggest cheerleader – and I am hers; I know that no matter what happens in our lives she will always be my best friend – until we are old and grey and helping each other wipe our arses ha! She’s given me two gorgeous nephews who I adore; my first nephews and Lily’s best cousins – the kindest, most caring, funniest boys I know.


Gulseren. Just to make it easy to understand – all of my ‘sisters’ are Gul’s sisters and they are Turkish Cypriot hence the unique names! Gulseren was a tiny baby when I met her and as she grew up Gul and I were always looking after her – not always happily ha! She was stuck to us like glue, looking back I’m so grateful that she was as she really is one of my closest friends – she knows more about me than most people ever could, or would want to (DJ DJ!!) and is always there for me *although she’s rubbish at answering her phone*. She’s smart, funny, sarcastic, beautiful and completely shamazing. She’s usually the one giving me TV show recommendations, helping me sort out outfits for nights out AND we have the same shoe size (what more could you want from a sister?!) I’m super proud of her – she’s doing so amazingly well at uni and is definitely the ‘clever’ one out of us! Gulseren has always been the stylish one – chic and always perfectly turned out – she even manages to make PJs look stylish (completely unfair!) and she’s the calmest out of us – the peace keeper.


Gonul. Or Gonzul as I call her just to be irritating. Scott would argue that she is his sister not mine – at which point I tell him to back off ha! We are the ones who argue – we drive each other crazy and bitch at each other and I moan because she always dissapears as soon as dinner is finished and so never gets drafted into the washing up ha 😉 At the same time she is the funniest, most kind-hearted person I know – she’s the person that the phrase ‘heart of gold’ was made for. You wouldn’t think it unless you know her but Gon is ‘soft’ – Lily definitely takes advantage of this auntie’s soft touch – getting away with murder and begging for secret sips of cola. She’s the one who has us all laughing until we cry – the kind of laughs that make your tummy ache and your head hurt but which you never forget. Gonul loved wrestling as a kid – and gave a vicious Chinese burn (honestly she’s a tough cookie underneath that sweet exterior ha!) – she’s the one i’d call to be my back up if for some reason I became inexplicably involved in a gang fight! One day this girl will be famous, not entirely sure what for yet but one day she’ll be driving around in one of those blacked out jeeps with a bodyguard *predictions*. Gonul was always the tomboy of the family – her mates were always boys, she refused to wear dresses and she’s got an unbelievable collection of trainers. I love her unique sense of style – she’s just infinitely cooler than I could EVER be!


Zehra. Zehra-Loo. She’s the baby of the family and boy does she know it – she’s got everyone wrapped around her little finger and even though she drives us mad with her Musically app shite we are all super protective of her. Zehra is Lily’s best-friend, and Lily idolizes her, “Aunty Zehra is SOOOOOO COOOL mummy!” is something I regularly hear.

It’s seriously surreal that she’s so grown up now – and more than just a little bit frightening – I still think of her as the tiny baby with the full head of hair whose nappies I used to change, and who we used to cart around the house like a sack of potatoes ha! She’s soft-hearted and sensitive although her attitude definitely makes you question that at times ha – although despite the typical teenager-ness she’ll still sit next to you on the sofa for a cuddle! I’m looking forward to watching her grow up – I know she’ll do us all proud because she already does everyday.







Those are my sisters. My best friends. My true loves and soulmates.

Words literally cannot express the love I have for them – they really are my everythings. I don’t know what I’d do without them and the love they have brought into my life. It’s so important to have people who support you and love you unashamedly – people who will never hurt you or let you down and I am so grateful that I have them. It’s also important to have people in your life who have watched Mean Girls and Stand by Me on repeat, who ‘get you’ and who know what you’re on about with just a look, or a movie quote!

The Ten Best Things About Having Sisters:

  1. You’ve always got someone around – to listen, to bitch with, to rant to, to give you a hug when you cry or even just to sit and chill with watching crap TV or old films
  2. They are your personal stylists – they know you and they know what you like
  3. You can tell them everything – even those super embarrassing stories you would never ever tell another soul
  4. The inside jokes that nobody else gets or would ever find funny
  5. You never have to explain your crazy family to them — they’ve lived it
  6. You can fight, scream at each other, insult each other but the minute someone else dares say a word against you they’ve got your back *even when they secretly agree ha*
  7. You can communicate just with a look – they know with one subtle facial expression EXACTLY how you feel about the person you’re talking to
  8. They know just how to cheer you up and will always try their best to do so
  9. They will always tell it to you straight – no bullsh*t
  10. They become the best aunts to your kids – loving them like they are their own, being ‘cool’ and trustworthy, being babysitters when you need to chill, letting your kids get away with murder and handing them back sticky and full of sugar but deliriously happy!



Mummy Times Two

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