To Vlog or not to Vlog? That is a very good question…

A lot of the parenting bloggers I follow and love are also ‘vloggers’ i.e they film Video Blogs for YouTube. I’m a complete YouTube addict and I love watching ‘real life’ videos, travel and home decor you-tubers and for a while now I’ve been considering whether or not I should start a YouTube channel of my own. I tested the waters last year with an update on our Fertility Journey but I took it down after I got a pretty horrible message from a family member (who is no longer part of my family FYI) and since then I’ve avoided it.


I’ll be honest – I’ve got the face for radio as they say *albeit not the voice as I sound a bit like Peggy Mitchell from Eastenders apparently*, I’m fat, often grumpy and dress like a mum in the worst sense of the phrase and so I have genuine fear of sharing myself with the World in such a visual way. Blogging itself feels completely different – here I can hide behind my keyboard like one of those horrid trolls; it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing my pjs , it doesn’t matter if I’ve not got a stitch of makeup on or if I’m having a major breakout. *current status: Pjs, hot water bottle, a spot so big on my chin that I’ve named it and slipper socks*


And yet despite that I’m drawn more and more to sharing via a new medium – perhaps what other parents need to see is that ‘honest’ face, perhaps they need to see the mum that swigs on gin whilst ranting about how pants homework is, who shares what their home really looks like *without tidying up* and who talks about all of the things they are passionate about? Maybe there is room for me on the big bad world of YouTube; I guess I won’t know unless I try… I made a pact with myself that 2017 would be the year I take hold of every opportunity and get out of my comfort zone – maybe this is one of those times I need to give myself a good kick up the ass?

What do you think? Are you a YouTuber or a YouTube Addict? Leave me some links to channels you love 🙂



6 thoughts on “To Vlog or not to Vlog? That is a very good question…

  1. Oh I literally could have just written this myself! I feel exactly the same. I even have a YouTube channel all set up and ready to go AND my 11 year old son has even started vlogging! I don’t really know what’s stopping me but I’m going to be brave and do start one soon! Oh, and I always prefer to watch the more ‘honest’ videos any day xx

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