This Parenting Lark with Sarah from Digital Motherhood

This week’s ‘This Parenting Lark’ post features Sarah from Digital Motherhood – thanks so much for sharing Sarah!


Hi Sarah, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family
I’m Sarah, 36 from Poole in Dorset. I’ve been married for 9 years and we have a daughter who is 5.

Tell us a little bit about your blog
I set up my blog Digital Motherhood in August 2015 (though it had a slightly different name then!). It’s mainly focused around being a working mum, but also touches on anything parenting, family, days out, reviews and social media.

What does a typical day in your life look like?
School run, work, school run, housework, dinner, her bedtime, more work & blogging, my bedtime.

What was your pregnancy and labour like?
My pregnancy was fairly uneventful and went pretty smoothly – until the end! I went 13 days overdue, had to be induced, and then after 4 hours of labour ended up being put to sleep for an emergency c-section.

How did you choose your daughter’s name?
We decided on a boy’s name right away but couldn’t agree on a girls name. I got some inspiration while watching TV one evening, the husband said he likes it and we agreed on it quickly before we had to think of something else!

What is your favourite film?
This is a hard one! I love all Disney films (I’m a big kid!), anything girly like Bridget Jones or Love Actually and I’m a massive Harry Potter geek!

What is the best thing about being a parent?
The fun! Yes it’s hard work and tiring, but I can honestly say that the fun outweighs all of the stress. We have great days out and holidays as a family, and my daughter is my little buddy, she’s such great company.

And what is the toughest?
Just the sheer amount of stuff you have to fit in. Between work and school and home I’m always rushing around and permanently shattered!

How do you relax?
Once she’s in bed the evening is our time to do what we want – luckily she’s always in bed by 7:30pm! I work on my blog, watch films, read, and sleep!

Where is your favourite place – both as an individual and as a family? (can be a holiday destination, a local place or even just your bed!)

We’re very lucky to live in such an amazing part of the country and whenever possible we head to the beach. Other than that, it would be somewhere very hot, sunny and tropical!

What are your favourite and least favourite household chores?
I hate washing up and cleaning bathrooms. I don’t particularly like any chores but I don’t mind hoovering.

If you were Queen for the day what would you do?
Have a lie in, go shopping, go for lunch and generally enjoy people doing things for me!

What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever been given?
Do what you think is right for your child, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

What makes you happy?
Spending time with my little family. Cliché I know, but it makes all the hard work worthwhile when we can all get out at the weekends and have some fun.

What is your favourite quote or mantra for life?
“Do more of what makes you happy”. Life is too short to be miserable!

And finally – finish this sentence ‘I am doing a great job at this parenting lark because…’
She’s happy, healthy, and tells me all the time that I’m her best friend – got to be doing something right!

Thanks for sharing Sarah – I’m a massive Harry Potter geek too *always!* 🙂

You can find Sarah at:


Instagram: @digitalmotherhood

Twitter: @sarahjcronshaw


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