It’s The Little Things 4 & 5/ 52

I’ve been pretty useless on the blog front this past week or so – I’ve had an awful lot on my plate and it’s left me feeling pretty uninspired and exhausted at the end of everyday. Plus I’m not sleeping very well which hasn’t helped. That being said I’m still really enjoying taking the time out to think about the things that have made me grateful.

  • Lily loving her first ever ballet class
  • Taking the afternoon off of work to go and watch Sing with Scott and Lily at the cinema
  • Listening to Lily’s delight at getting to go on a ‘daddy-daughter’ date to see Lego Batman last week


  • Cold days with blue skies
  • Taking some time out to plant some seeds ready to get planting in the allotment
  • Lily’s best friend coming over for the day – we went to the supermarket where they kept everyone entertained with made-up songs about bananas and chocolate milkshake (eat your heart out Gwen Stefani), laughed so loudly that people couldn’t help but smile and thanked me excitedly for buying them crossword books!
  • Planning a family valentines date night
  • Watching the Scotland Vs France Rugby match with a great beer

What have you been grateful for this week?



Dear Little Daisy

8 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things 4 & 5/ 52

  1. Ha! I love the singing made up songs. It’s lovely when children do that and the people around smile about it.
    Oooo we went to see Batman Lego, Reuben’s first time at the cinema and he loved it, I hope Lily enjoyed it. #itsthelittlethingslinky

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