Meal Plan Monday (Slightly late!)


Was supposed to post this yesterday but ended up having a super busy day and not getting round to it 🙂

My meal plan this week is slightly fractured as I am out on two evenings – tonight with Mayflower Blogs for Giovanna Fletcher’s book launch *exciting* and on Thursday I’m out with my old team at work for dinner so it’s a busy week.

That being said I’ve still planned meals for Scott and Lily for those days and shopped for them so they have stuff to eat!


Monday: Lasagne

Tuesday: Slow cooker beef stew

Wednesday: Slow cooker beef stew leftovers for me and Lasagne leftovers for Scott (Lily is at her nan’s)

Thursday: Salmon and Vegetables

Friday: Spaghetti Carbonara (Lily’s favourite!)

Saturday: Thai Green Curry

Sunday: Tapas night – Slow cooker spanish beans, Spanish Tortilla, Albondigas (meatballs) and salad

Shopping List:

5% fat beef mince £4

Stewing beef £2.89

Tinned tomatoes x 4: £1.00

Carrots: 49p

Onions: bag of frozen diced onions £1.00

White lasagne sauce: £1.00

Potatoes: 89p

Garlic: 70p

Leeks: 39p

Swiss Chard: Free (from my allotment)

Kale: Free (from my allotment)

Spinach: 89p

Eggs: £2.00

Cream: 59p

Thai green curry paste: £1.30

Tinned butter beans x 2: 80p

Lettuce: 69p

Tomatoes (a lot of them): £1.20

Milk: £1.20

Grated cheddar: £1.49

Total: £22.52 (everything else I already have in the fridge/freezer/cupboards) although I also have to buy fruit as we are all out!

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Alex xxx

4 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday (Slightly late!)

  1. Oooh the tapas night sounds like the perfect meal! Got to love some good old leftovers too! Thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x

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