Our Day Out at The British Museum

Last weekend Scott, Lily and I jumped on a bus and went to explore The British Museum in London. We are lucky to live within easy travel of most of the museums in London but have never really made the most of that so we have decided to start visiting more places – particularly as most of them are free entry so it’s a relatively cheap day out!


We started off our morning with hot coffee, a short bus ride and a queue to get in (it was completely ram-packed) and once we were in we headed to the Family Desk in the main hall. The British Museum provide free Activity Trails, guides and art materials for families which is really fantastic – we collected an Egyptian themed Activity Trail which was essentially a booklet that guided us around the Egyptian exhibits.

The trail took us through several rooms and included plenty of interactive activities – such as finding particular items, answering questions about artefacts and so on. Between following the trail we looked around the rooms, Lily took notes about the various artefacts and we had lots of discussions about the items that we saw on display.


We particularly enjoyed learning about the Hieroglyphics and came away with a task to think up some more activities to learn about the Egyptians and their writing. The first thing we did was to download this Hieroglyphics ‘cheat sheet’ from Egyptian Hieroglyphs:


We then found some Egyptian Colouring sheets and other resources online and those, combined with the book we purchased from the museum, are forming the basis of a home learning project we are currently working on. At the moment I’m just trying to decide ways to incorporate crafts and model building into our plans – so please let me know if you can think of ideas 🙂



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