The A-Z of Books I Love!

I was tagged by the wonderful Debbie from ‘My Chaotically Eclectic Life’ to share my A-Z of Books.

I am a massive reader (when I get the time) and love taking the time to sit and read and my husband is a keen reader too so we are really glad that this is something that we’ve passed on to Lily: you can see some of our favourite children’s books of the moment here. I don’t always read new books either; I have a few books that I’ve read countless times, it’s almost like spending time with old friends when I curl up with my much loved copies of The Borrowers, Harry Potter or Little Women.

I love to encourage other people to read and am forever recommending books to friends – sometimes I’ll be reading a book and it’s like a lightbulb goes off above my head and I know exactly who will enjoy it; so far I’ve never been wrong *although they might just not have wanted to tell me ha!*

I thought I’d join in with this tag to give you a little insight into my reading loves!

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The Reality of Being a Full Time Working Mum

I shared this post on Facebook the other day after a colleague of mine commented that I looked exhausted, I laughed it off “well I am a mum” but it made me think… I guess in reality I AM exhausted. Not that sleep-deprived exhaustion of the newborn days, when you are suddenly handed over this tiny living person who relies on you for everything, whose body clock is all jumbled up and who cries to be fed every couple of hours; but an exhaustion that has just become a completely ingrained part of me as a working mum. I asked a few friends, “Do you feel like this too?” and the answer was a resounding “Yes!”

We are bombarded with image on TV, in films or adverts, or even from Bloggers and on Pinterest  – those perfectly coiffed mums that have it all; who manage to jump on a conference call whilst their three kids eat dinner without so much as a murmured complaint about the food choice, and whose houses are always spotless and ‘visitor ready’. But that’s really not the reality of being a working mum – the reality is that, just like parenthood in general, it is really hard!

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DC Superhero Girl Dolls Review

I absolutely LOVED dolls growing up – particularly Barbie, but I have to admit that as I got older I was a little worried about Lily getting into them. I guess that since I was small there has been so much more conversation about the way that dolls like that appear and the subliminal messaging it sends to our daughters about body image and to be honest I was a little torn between my own love and fond memories of playing with them and with not wanting to give Lily unrealistic expectations of body types. It doesn’t help that so many of the dolls that you see on the shelves now just look horrendous (seriously there’s no need for a ‘police officer’ doll to look like they got their outfit from Ann Summers).

Scott is really into comic books and superhero movies and Lily has definitely inherited that love from him so when we spotted that DC Comics and Mattel were releasing these DC Superhero Girl Dolls we were both thrilled – him because they were finally making superhero toys more accessible for girls and giving a message to younger girls that it was not only OK to be into comics but that their interest was being recognised, and me because here are dolls that look like more ‘normal’ – in fact their figures were designed to be the same shapes as athletes and gymnasts!

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Mother’s Day Crafting with Homebase and Tea & Crafting

It’s almost that time of the year when dads all over the country go into panic-buying mode to organise Mother’s Day presents from their kids. If us mums are lucky we get husbands who either know our tastes perfectly or ones like mine who always ask what I would like *bonus*, I also have a daughter who LOVES to get crafty and make me gifts to treasure too and if I’m honest those are always my favourites!

I was invited by Homebase and Jane from Tea and Crafting to their #HomebaseMothers event in the Finchley Road store to have a go at creating some simple homemade gifts.

I love getting crafty, although I have to admit my projects often end up as ‘pinterest fails’, so when they said that these crafts were suitable for everybody *not to mention easy enough for kids* I figured that even I would be able to do them well! Thankfully I didn’t show myself up by making too much of a mess…  well not unless you count an exploded can of fizzy drink and a smashed plant pot!

I got straight into making some cute coasters when I arrived – they were so easy to make and used just plain tiles, tissue paper or paint and PVA glue so are a real budget friendly project – in fact Lily and I will be making some more of these over the Easter holidays as I have stocked up on the white square tiles; getting a box of 44 for just £4.34, total bargain! Continue reading

Meal Planning Monday – The one with all the changes…

I’ve been rotten with the flu this last weekend so feeling completely exhausted today. I’m also on a pretty huge dietary overhaul to try and improve my PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome) and so have cut out all dairy and have gone low-carb in order to try and get that under control – as you can imagine it means planning meals is a lot more hard work as I don’t want to have to cook three different dinners but also need to take into account my own diet when planning meals for the whole family! It’s been a week since I started and I’ve lost 3lb (not expected!) and think my body is actually detoxing out a lot of toxins and built up crap so I’m hoping this lifestyle change really works long term for me!


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Minimalist Kitchen Essentials – What can’t we live without?


This weekend (between throwing up and feeling pants thanks to some kind of virus) I started sorting through our kitchen cupboards and drawer *yep you heard that right we have a single drawer in our kitchen which really annoys me* and I quickly came to realise that we have way too much stuff! Admittedly a lot of the random stuff we owned was given to us as wedding presents five years ago; despite us having a gift list we received quite a lot of random ‘things’ and household pieces, yep even two toasters, but a lot of it wasn’t to our taste or anything that we would actually use. I always felt guilty about getting rid of items that were given to us as gifts but actually it was really freeing to start to de-clutter the kitchen.

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