DC Superhero Girl Dolls Review

I absolutely LOVED dolls growing up – particularly Barbie, but I have to admit that as I got older I was a little worried about Lily getting into them. I guess that since I was small there has been so much more conversation about the way that dolls like that appear and the subliminal messaging it sends to our daughters about body image and to be honest I was a little torn between my own love and fond memories of playing with them and with not wanting to give Lily unrealistic expectations of body types. It doesn’t help that so many of the dolls that you see on the shelves now just look horrendous (seriously there’s no need for a ‘police officer’ doll to look like they got their outfit from Ann Summers).

Scott is really into comic books and superhero movies and Lily has definitely inherited that love from him so when we spotted that DC Comics and Mattel were releasing these DC Superhero Girl Dolls we were both thrilled – him because they were finally making superhero toys more accessible for girls and giving a message to younger girls that it was not only OK to be into comics but that their interest was being recognised, and me because here are dolls that look like more ‘normal’ – in fact their figures were designed to be the same shapes as athletes and gymnasts!

The first doll in the collection that we picked up for Lily was Batgirl because she loves Batman and everything associated with him. I thought it was great that her outfit; whilst clearly identifying her as Batgirl, looked like the sort of thing any teenager would wear – black jeans, chunky boots and a logo hoody. There was nothing weirdly sexualised about her outfit and her long ginger hair was a real hit with Lily who loves a redhead! Each of the dolls comes with packaging and an ‘ID card’ that tells you more about them and their skills, and some accessories – such as the bat shaped backpack and face mask shown.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were the next dolls added to her collection – again the outfits are instantly identifiable but there’s nothing OTT about them, OK Harley is wearing short shorts but at least she’s got tights on too ha! Notice something different about these compared to regular dolls such as Barbie? That’s right they are fully articulated and pose-able with joints, torsos and heads that actually bend and move! They can also stand up because their feet and shoes are flat not high heels – jackpot! Because of this they are basically a hybrid between dolls and action figurines – making them so much more fun to play with and in my opinion means they are a lot better than regular fashion dolls!

Bumblebee has such a cool subtle outfit (not counting the huge wings on her backpack) and a funky hairstyle however here she is demonstrating just how easily the hands fall off and get lost only to never be found again *sorry Bumblebee we tried*

Wonder Woman has always been my favourite superhero so I love this doll – in fact I kinda bought this one more for myself than for Lily so that when we play dolls I get to be Wonder Woman *geek alert*! Also Wonder Woman’s boots have wings on them and I kinda want a pair myself 🙂 Another great thing about these dolls is the fact that they can actually hold things in their hands which Lily really likes – particularly as she’s made them props such as swords and handbags to use (see the whole hybrid fashion doll and action figure thing I was talking about?!)

The bodies are all slim but athletic; not eerily thin like the girls from Monster High or completely out of proportion like Barbie.

My only other complaint about the dolls, hands not included, (apart from the fact that like all dolls they took a million hours to remove from packaging!) is the fact that Supergirl has a hard plastic sculpted cape which doesn’t quite sit right on her shoulders, and when you play with it the cape constantly falls off!

Apart from that it really is great to see a company actually listening to their audience – girls have loved superheros for years, it’s about time the toys became less gendered and more accessible to all! I can really recommend these dolls and the TV programme that now runs alongside them, which depicts the girls as students in a special high school just for people with powers!



20 thoughts on “DC Superhero Girl Dolls Review

  1. Oh wow these are so cool! I loved dolls when I was younger, and it’s great to have something like this for girls who love superheroes!

  2. My daughter (and son) love these dolls. We currently have Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman and they have been played with daily since we got them.
    We are a family of superhero geeks so the fact my daughter now has her owns superhero dolls gets a huge thumbs up from me. I think Elsa was getting a little bit fed up of fighting Joker if I’m honest 🙂 x

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