The Ultimate List of Girl’s Night Movies!

I love a girly night in with my sisters or friends, chilling out and sharing a bottle *or three* of wine, some snacks and some stories between watching (or re-watching for the millionth time) our favourite girly movies. I’m planning a big movie night at the moment so asked a load of other bloggers what films they always love to watch 🙂 Enjoy – and don’t forget to leave suggestions too!

I’m a complete movie lover – give me an evening at the cinema or a night in with a bowl of salty popcorn and I’m more than happy. I have to admit though that I tend to re-watch a lot of the same movies all the time (seriously I have no idea how many times I’ve watched Roman Holiday, Casablanca and Mean Girls). When I was putting together this list I asked for recommendations of films to add and why so I’ve also included some of the films that my lovely blogger friends came up with:

‘Stand By Me’ – It’s a beautiful movie about growing up and friendship

‘The Princess Bride’ – Cheesy, funny and romantic (plus utterly quotable and I think most loved movies are!)

‘She’s All That’ – The geeky girl gets a makeover and wins the heart of Freddie Prince Jr (the ultimate 90s heart throb!)

‘Roman Holiday’ – In fact anything with Audrey Hepburn in wins in my book but this is my favourite

‘Doc Hollywood’ – It’s funny and heart warming and makes me want to move to a tiny town where they hold annual squash festivals!

 ‘Mean Girls’ – Because it’s fetch – Kirsty from Life With Boys *I like what you did there Kirsty ha!*

‘She’s the Man’ – Ok it’s a bit pants but Channing Tatum is in it topless for quite a bit and it’s kinda funny too

‘The Sweetest Thing’ – It’s one of those movies you just have to watch! Especially the penis song bit!! – Lauren from Dilan & Me

‘Thelma & Louise’ – The ultimate BFFs – Laura from Five Little Doves

‘Freaky Friday’ – This film is a pure guilty pleasure, cheesy, funny and featuring Chad Micheal Murray

‘A Cinderella Story’ – I love Chad Michael Murray (see above) and this sweet take on the Cinderella story is fab

‘Sisters’ – Because Tina Fey ROCKS!

‘No Reservations’ – I really thought this movie would be a flop but it’s actually really endearing and I love Aaron Eckhart in it 🙂

‘Notting Hill’ – Because it’s funny and romantic – Kirsty from Kirsty Dee

‘Muriel’s Wedding’ – For the soundtrack and the happy memories when my late best friend used to say “you’re dreadful Muriel” – Nellie from Nellie Pom Poms  *I’ve actually never seen this one so I’ll have to watch it!*

‘The Princess Diaries’ – Pure teenage chick-flick at it’s best!

‘Kinky Boots’ – A fab British comedy with Chiwetel Ejiofor playing the fantastic drag queen Lola

‘Dirty Dancing’ – It’s a feel good romance with a cracking soundtrack and who wouldn’t want Patrick Swayze to swing them round in tight pants – Cat from Rock and Roll Pussycat

‘Ghost’ – Just like above – amazing soundtrack, and Patrick Swayze (plus Whoopi Goldberg is hilarious in it!)

‘Beaches’ – It makes me cry every time I watch it. But is a lovely film about friendship – Mary from Over 40 and Mum to One

‘Pitch Perfect’ – It’s just Aca-amazing

‘Never Been Kissed’ – I love Drew Barrymore in this sweet romance movie that’s typically 90s!

‘Clueless’ – For the nostalgia fix – Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum *Oh don’t you just miss 90s fashion?*

‘The Proposal’ – I have to admit that I love Sandra Bullock although she get’s a lot of stick and this film is up there at the top for me – it’s funny but sweet and I loved the cameo from Betty White

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ – Bitchy, full of fashion and with Simon Baker providing the eye candy!

‘Confessions of a shopaholic’ – I love the book series of these and this film is so fun

‘The Notebook’ – It has to be The Notebook for me. Kissing in the rain, staying together until the very end…. just grab the Kleenex – Emma from The Minis and Me *One of the best romance films I’ve ever seen – I love any film based on a Nicholas Sparks book to be honest*

‘Easy A’ – I bloody love this film – it’s funny and it was the first film I saw Emma Stone in *She’s my girl crush*

‘First Wives Club’ and ‘9-5’ – I love an oldie about strong women!! – Chantele from Two Hearts One Roof *I am with you there Chantele – two of my favourite movies and I LOVE Dolly Parton. I’m now singing ‘You don’t own me’ in my head ha!*

‘That Awkward Moment’ – loved that this romcom is told from the perspective of three very different guys – it’s cute and funny too

‘Step Up’ – Can you tell I like Channing Tatum yet? He’s hot, he dances, they fall in love *winning*

‘Magic Mike’ – See above (plus it’s funny even if it does make me cringe)

‘Sleepless in Seattle’ – From back in the day when men like Tom Hanks were considered hot enough to be the leading men in romcom movies! I love this film

‘Juno’ – bittersweet, coming of age movie about a teenager who gets pregnant – plus it has an amazing soundtrack too!

‘Steel Magnolias’ – another way too easy to quote movie “Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin’ across your face.”

‘Pretty in Pink’ – have a thing for 80’s movies and who doesn’t love Molly! – Siobhan from The Baby Boat Diaries *I love 80s movies too – Breakfast Club is one of my faves*

‘The Breakfast Club’ – a funny and sweet coming of age 80s classic – perfect for when you need the kind of pick-me-up that only the Brat Pack can provide!

‘Leap Year’ – this was another one that had me crying with laughter!

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ – WARNING – Do not watch this when you’re feeling emotional because it’s a real gut-wrencher!

‘Bridesmaids’ – laugh out loud, rolling on the floor crying comedy with a bit of heart-wrenching added

‘Ten things I hate about you’ and ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ – They have to be my favourites because they make me laugh but are soppy too!! – Jen from Just Average Jen

‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ – So much funnier now I’ve actually pushed a child out of my vajayjay!

‘White Chicks’ – Absolutely bloody hilarious!

‘Life as We know It’ – this film had me laugh and cry as two singletons become unexpected parents and have to work out how to do it all!

‘Horrible Bosses’ – I wasn’t sure I’d even like this one but it made me cry laughing – it’s so unexpectedly funny and Jennifer Aniston is brilliant in it

’27 Dresses’ – Fab weddings, dancing on bars and James Marsden – what else could you want for a girl’s night in?!

‘You’ve Got Mail’ – gotta love Tom Hanks – Tracey from Pack the PJs *I haven’t watched this film for years – I love it!*

‘Love Actually’ – Strictly for Christmas or ‘that time of the month’ only – it never seems to get old

‘Tristan & Isolde’ – Heartbreaking historic romance with lots of chivalry based on a medieval legend

‘Definitely Maybe’ – My husband actually watched this film first and insisted I watch it – I’m so glad I did!

‘Pretty Woman’ – I love it such a classic love story – Helen from All Things Beautiful  // Jo from Sit Still Monkeys also chose Pretty Woman, saying ‘The gorgeous Richard Gere, romance and the shopping make it the perfect mix for me! Just love it! I dream of being wined and dined by a millionaire (Richard)!’

‘The Other Woman’ – I don’t know what it is about this film, I just love it!

‘Eat Pray Love’ – I love a good film about self discovery, women being independent and exploring the world – Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy

‘There’s Something About Mary’ – there really is! I’ll never get over that hair gel scene 😉

‘Three Men and a Baby’ – Tom Selleck *swoon* – also it’s just so funny and all sorts of loveliness

‘Footloose’ – my big sister made me watch this as a kid and I hated it but I re-watched it again a few years back and finally appreciated how good it is!

‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘2 weeks notice’ – I love Sandra Bullock in these two films – they are both funny although that waxing bit in Miss Congeniality made me laugh out loud!

‘Stardust’ – I’m a big fan of Neil Gaiman and love this movie adaptation of his book, Robert De Niro as Captain Shakespeare is the best!

‘Bad Moms’ –  haven’t laughed as hard at any other film since watching Bad Moms. Nearly wet myself in the cinema! – Clare from Clare’s Little Tots *OMG I LOVED BAD MOMS*

‘Stepmom’ – My best friend’s mum loved this movie and would always put it on then sit and bawl her eyes out ha!

‘Cruel Intentions’ – Sexy, full of teenage angst and with a bittersweet ending – I have lost count of the amount of times me and my sisters watched this film

‘Ps I love you’ – oh Gerrard *swoon* – this film gives me all the feels!

‘Bridget Jones’ – Always makes me laugh and cry – Laura from Dear Bear and Beany

‘Hocus Pocus’ – In our house this has always been the official best Halloween movie ever! FYI I’m Winifred and I let my sisters fight over being Sarah haha!

‘Crazy Stupid Love’ – Love this film! Steve Carrell is one of my favourite actors and this has a stellar cast

‘Dan In Real Life’ – Steve Carrell again – this time as a single dad trying to find love in the midst of his dysfunctional family

‘Legally Blonde’ – Busting stereotypes whilst looking great! – Hayley from Devon Mama

‘My Girl’ – another classic that always makes me ball my eyes out

‘The Vow’ – Too. Many. Tears

‘Titanic’ – Amazing film until she bloody lets him go! *grr*

‘Boys on the Side’ – Funny and sad and all the good feels. A proper girl power movie! – Claire from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

‘The Duff’ – I’m not sure if I love this film more because I am the Duff or because it’s just brilliant

‘500 days of Summer’ – Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this cult classic

‘Australia’ – The fashion, the houses, Hugh Jackman – I love it all!

‘Bend It Like Beckham‘ As much as Keira Knighley annoys me I do love this film – it’s a real ‘girl power’ movie

‘Grease’ –  I’m going old school with Grease! What a soundtrack! – Beth from Twinderelmo *I love Grease – I’ll always be ‘Rizzo’ to my sisters ha!*

‘Silver Linings Playbook’ – love this film even though it makes me cry every single time I watch it!

‘Bad Boys’ – OK so it’s not your typical movie for a girly night in but it’s brilliant and I grew up watching it with my sisters

‘The Lucky One’ – Gotta love Zac Efron in this sweet and heart-wrenching movie

‘One Day’ – Stock up on the tissues before you watch this, and don’t do so drunk #justsaying

‘Safe Haven’ – More of the feels in another Nicholas Sparks adaptation

‘The Holiday’ – It’s my fave girly movie-just for the real estate 😍 #propertygoals  Hollie from The Thrifty Mum

‘Coyote Ugly’ – ‘Can’t fight the moonlight!’ This movie is one of the best chick-flicks ever made and has an amazing soundtrack

‘Mrs Doubtfire’ and ‘Matilda’ – When she was little my littlest sister was obsessed with these movies – perfect choices if you’ve got younger ones at your girly movie night!

‘About Time’ – Perfect for all the Love Actually fans as it’s written and directed by Richard Curtis. It’s such a lovely story – really beautiful

‘Twilight’ – My ultimate fave film we even got married and I had the same song walking down the aisle as Bella 😂 who doesn’t love beautiful people and vampires?! – Katie from Mummy’s Diary *I had Claire de Lune by Debussy which also features in Twilight!*

‘City Of Angels’ – Pass me the tissues!

’40 Days and 40 Nights’ – Just don’t do what I did and watch this film with your mum and dad *cringe*

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ – I love this Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney film – another one that my husband introduced me to ha!

‘The Wedding Planner‘ – Like Sandra Bullock, J-Lo is always getting slated when she appears in films, but I love this film!

‘The Bodyguard’ – Oh Whitney and Kevin *swoon*

‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ‘The Wedding Date’ – they are two of my favourite girlie films. I could watch them time and time again! – Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too *I adore The Wedding Date*

‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ – Not your typical rom-com but really enjoyable – I love stories like this where you see lots of different characters

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ – “It’s a Bundt!” growing up with a Cypriot family we could definitely relate to the humour in this film!

‘Bring It On’ – For the general cheese and funny/bitchy cheers. Think Pitch Perfect with cheerleaders! – Julie from Pondering Parenthood *I love Bring it On! Brrr it’s cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere!* 

‘Save The Last Dance’ – loved the dancing and soundtrack to this 2001 movie! I remember going to see it in the cinema 🙂

‘What Women Want’ – Despite not liking Mel Gibson I do love this movie – it’s funny and clever and easy to watch (which is just what you need on a girly movie night)

‘Made of Honor’ – I think most women have a bit of a soft spot for Patrick Dempsey – I love him in this funny comedy

‘The Back-Up Plan’ – another J-Lo film that I loved – it’s so sweet without being too gushy and I do so love a happy ending for my favourite latina!

‘Father of the Bride’ – (makes me nostalgic for my wedding and has one of my favourite ‘movie homes’) and ‘Something’s gotta give’ (I think Diane Keaton is fabulous and again, there’s the house!) I recently discovered they are both by the same director having loved them for years! – Suzannah from Home Heart Harmony  *I love anything with Steve Martin  or Diane Keaton in!*

‘When Harry Met Sally’ – I couldn’t write a list of the ultimate girl’s night in movies and not include this! It’s one of my favourite films ever and I just love the ending *go watch it!*


Moulin Rouge

Mama Mia

The Blue Lagoon


Under The Tuscan Sun

Four Weddings and A Funeral

Pride and Prejudice

So what do you think? Have I missed your favourites off? Let me know 🙂


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  • Reply barbsteving April 4, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane and Chocolat with Johnny Depp. Two wonderfully romantic movies. Swoon…! ❤❤️

    • Reply bettertogetherhome April 4, 2017 at 7:45 pm

      Oooh I’ve never seen Under The Tuscan Sun but I LOVE Chocolat 🙂

  • Reply lovelyandgrateful April 5, 2017 at 11:11 am

    So many great movies on this list! I’d recommend St Elmo’s Fire, an 80’s brat-pack movie with half the cast of the Breakfast Club, and While You Were Sleeping, which is my favourite Sandra Bullock movie. 😊

    • Reply bettertogetherhome April 6, 2017 at 9:25 am

      Oh I love St Elmo’s Fire! Can’t believe I forgot to put it on 🙂 I’ve not seen while you were sleeping – will have to give it a watch- thanks! 🙂

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