Meal Planning Monday

Hey lovelies!

It was my hubby’s birthday yesterday so this week’s meal plan is a bit late as we were busy celebrating!

This week is going to be super busy, plus we are all back to work/school *eurgh* and so I’m not going to be wanting to spend much time in the kitchen (tbh I never ever want to spend much time in the kitchen anyway ha!) so this week’s recipes are simple and quick family meals. Also between birthday celebrations and Easter half term we’ve spent a fair bit so I’m sticking to a super thrifty budget this week, and as before any new recipes are marked with an asterisk* 🙂

Monday: Dinner Out (Husband’s birthday)

Tuesday: Dinner Out (Husband’s second birthday celebrations!)

Wednesday: Chicken Fajita Wraps

Thursday: Peanut Butter Chicken* (from here)

Friday: Spaghetti Carbonara

Saturday: Salmon and Pea Frittata

Sunday: Vegetable Curry

Shopping List:

Chicken Breast




Tinned Tomatoes

Double Cream




Sweet Potato


Tinned Chickpeas

Curry Paste

What’s on your menu this week?



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