Vlogging Challenge!

So the gorgeous Kirsty from Kirsty Dee Shares invited me to join in with her 7 day Vlogging Challenge. I’ve got to admit that my first thought was HELL NO! But after thinking about it more I decided that pushing myself out of my comfort zone would actually do me some good and so I threw in my hat.

And so this week I’ve uploaded a couple of videos to my YouTube channel – which you can find here , and surprisingly I’ve enjoyed it! Don’t get me wrong I still hate seeing my face on screen and am paranoid about putting myself out there in this way but I’m also super proud of myself for joining in – it definitely helps that Kirsty and the others joining in are being super supportive 🙂

Here is today’s video; would love to know what you think!

What would you like to hear me talk about?



My Spring Plans + Free Printable!

Apparently it’s Spring (I say apparently because I’m wearing a jumper and have the heating on!) and as usual at this time of the year I get the urge to clean and de-clutter and decorate and do a million and one other things. Unfortunately I normally try to do to much and end up with burn out which is not fun at all and means I don’t really get to enjoy the season.

I wanted to set myself some seasonal goals without going crazy but when I looked online the only checklists I could find were for kids and so I thought that I’d put together my own little checklist of ways in which I can really enjoy this Spring. Oh there’s a blank printable for you to download at the bottom of the post too – fill it in with your spring plans and check them off as you go 🙂

It has been literally YEARS since I have rode a bike or flown a kite and so i’m excited to try both of those again! I did keep spring cleaning on my checklist because it is something I enjoy – although I’m only going to do a couple of rooms at a time to keep from getting overwhelmed!

Here’s the blank printable for you to use: Spring Checklist

What do you think of my list? And what will you put on yours?



4 Ways To Be Productive During A Short Work Week

Oh I do so love a Bank Holiday weekend – an extra day to spend with family and friends; an extra evening to drink gin without worrying about the ‘adult headache’ the next day, the perfect excuse for a spa day or mini break… you get the drift! However what I really don’t love about a short work week is that you have only four days to get a full week’s work done AND it always feels so much harder to be productive and get everything done when your brain has had a few days off. So I thought I’d share four tips for you to implement that will help make your short work week productive and enjoyable 🙂

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My May Goals

Gosh I actually can’t believe that we are in May already! This year seems to be flying by – we are practically half way through now which is quite scary actually…

I love the start of a new month; it feels like a fresh beginning, especially when the weather is finally starting to warm up a little (emphasis on the word little as despite the blue skies it’s freezing here today!) I thought I’d embrace that feeling of a new start and take a few moments out of my day to set myself some little goals for the month ahead 🙂

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