Meal Plan Monday – 3rd July

It’s been a long time since I posted on here and I am truly sorry, life just got in the way and (when I feel up to it) I will explain. But I’m right back on it now, starting with this week’s Meal Plan. I’m having to tighten the purse strings significantly for the foreseeable future and so I’ve tried to create a plan that uses up a lot of what I have in the freezer/cupboards already! You might remember my post about moving towards a simpler life and the food challenge I set myself back in January? Well I’m doing something similar this time round too. Plus my freezer needs defrosting and I have a bucket list of travel destinations that just keeps getting bigger and bigger so I really need to focus on saving money for travel too!

This week’s plan is pretty basic but hopefully still full of good, healthy family meals.

Monday: Pizza (using pizza bases, tomato puree, cheddar cheese and mozarella – all of which we have to hand)

Tuesday: Smokey bacon & tomato spaghetti from here

Wednesday: Slow-cooker 3 bean chilli

Thursday: Melanzane pasta bake from here 

Friday: Spaghetti Carbonara

Saturday: Green Thai Curry

Sunday: Chicken and Halloumi kebabs

Packed lunches for me and Scott for the week: Bombay wraps (adapting this recipe), Tuna Salad and Egg-fried rice with Broccoli

As you can see there’s a good variety in there – hopefully even though I’ve mainly done the shop from my kitchen we will still have lots of tasty meals throughout the week. All I needed to buy today was:



Beef Mince

Red Onions

Mixed Peppers




This all came to £12.15 – if I manage to spend nothing else this week I’ll be thrilled – wish me luck!

Alex xxx

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