Tisno – Our Croatian Minibreak

Croatia was never somewhere on my Bucket List or somewhere I had thought I’d visit however my Uncle Craig is a DJ and was playing at the Beats, Beer and Boogaloo festival in Tisno  – a music and craft beer festival (two of my favourite things so clearly I wasn’t going to say no!). My dad and his friend, me and Scott and my friend Grant booked our flights and accomodation and got ready to explore a new place and dance the nights away to some CHOONS *gosh that sentence made me feel about 15 again – the ache in my back and feet quickly brought me back to earth* I was struggling to find London flights that suited our plans but found really reasonable Ryanair flights from Glasgow to Zadar and so decided we’d jump a train up to Glasgow and combine our journey with a flying visit to family we have up there. I’m a fan of a smooth flight but we had a bit of turbulence – albeit nothing that couldn’t be made bearable with a G&T! From Zadar airport we had transfers booked with Get By Bus who took us on the scenic 45 minute drive down the coast to Tisno where we were staying. It was a really nice route and made me wish we had time to see more of Croatia.   Our Air bnb apartment was gorgeous – really well situated a few minutes walk along the harbour side into the centre of Tisno and with an impressive terrace area. You can find our particular apartment here – it was simple and perfect for our needs *and oh god the views!* We arrived early afternoon on the Friday and so spent a few hours chilling on our terrace and then went out to explore Tisno and grab something to eat. The name ‘Tisno’ derives from the Croatian word for narrow – referring to the narrow sea passage that seperates it from the Island of Murter. The town itself is reasonably small and has parts on both banks of the water – joined by a bridge that opens up for sea traffic a couple of times a day. We stayed in the newer side of town but took regular wanders around the old side centre of town (on Murter). There’s a wide seafront promenade but not much by way of beach – lots of small pebbly spots are as beachy … Continue reading Tisno – Our Croatian Minibreak