Paesano Pizza Glasgow

Paesano Pizza Glasgow & Joker IPA

I LOVE pizza – seriously who doesn’t love pizza? And I’d heard some really good things about Paesano Pizza in Glasgow so when I had a couple of hours to kill before my flight I decided to pop in for some lunch.

Paesano is in a great central location which makes it perfect for a lunch stop during a day shopping on Buchannan Street. Or for a meal before heading out to one of the city’s many many bars.

It’s a lot bigger than I expected and it has a nice relaxed vibe. There’s plenty of seating both communal style at long tables and for those in smaller groups. The decor was very industrial, and as much as I hate the word it was quite ‘hipster-ish’ – similar to a lot of restaurants now. The big marquee lights definitely give it something special *I want some of those for my flat*

I arrived a little early and they weren’t quite open but the manager kindly welcomed me in. He gave me a table and menu to look at and went to get me a Williams Brothers Joker IPA. Whilst I tested out my beer I had a good read of the menu – not that there’s a lot to see.

I was quite surprised by the lack of choice but I’ll be honest I actually nearly always prefer to eat somewhere where the choice is limited. It tends to be a marker of quality (over quantity). I hate it when I’m in a place that offers too much. Where menus are concerned size doesn’t matter 😉

Beer Review

Beer wise the Williams Brothers Joker IPA was good – smooth, with a light hoppiness to it. It was not particularly strong and was easily drinkable. It had good biscuity body with a fruitiness throughout and it smelt nice too. Definitely, one I’d drink again.

Pizza Choice

I decided to go simple and go with Option 2 – Tomato sugo with garlic, oregano and evoo.

For £6 I wasn’t really expecting to be served up a big pizza which is what I got! Paesano claim to be the first to bring authentic, traditional Napoletana pizza to Glasgow. All of their pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven that they had specially shipped over from Italy. Also they are very particular about their ingredients. As an example they use only Caputo 00 flour from Naples.


The pizza was delicious – super tasty with soft, salty dough perfectly complemented by the juicy sweet tomatoes. It was quite ‘soggy’ compared to the pizzas you normally get but that is the traditional way of cooking them.

I thoroughly recommend Paesano – and will definitely be back!

Alex xxx

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