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A Guide to Visiting Krka National Park, Croatia

On our recent trip to Croatia (check it out here and here) we spent half a day at Krka National Park which is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and scenery. Our trip was a little spontaneous – I’d wanted to go after spotting some pictures online but didn’t think we’d get the chance but my dad offered to drive us there!

I’m not one to turn down the opportunity for a day trip, particularly not when it would give me a chance to explore the National Park. We grabbed our things, jumped in the car and made the straightforward *thanks to google maps* trip to Krka National Park.

It was about 40 mins drive from Tisno and the highways are all really well maintained so finding Krka wasn’t difficult.

Krka National Park Boat Ride

Getting to Krka National Park

We took the Skradin entrance to the park which meant that we could take the boat ride up to the waterfalls. If you arrive at the Lozovac entrance you take a minibus rather than the boat. When we arrived we found a parking spot a little further up the hill from the main dock. This was a good idea as not only was it significantly cheaper (50kna a day compared to at least double that price!) but also meant that we got to take a scenic route back down to the tourist centre. On the short walk back down we stopped on a little sandy cove to take some pictures and cool off!

Dad at Krka National Park

The Cost

Entrance to the park costs 180kna per person in the high season (July and August) and you pick up your tickets at the large glass tourist centre right at the harbourside. The price includes your return boat ticket too and is really reasonable – coming in at around £20pp on our exchange rate. That’s for an all-day pass so you could really make a full day of it for just £20 *bargain*. However you can also go via Lozovac where the parking is free.

Krka National park

Krka National Park

Krka National Park

Around the visitor centre are stalls selling different local foods, fresh juices, fresh fruit and cold drinks. I would recommend picking up some here rather than waiting until you get to the Waterfalls themselves – especially if the weather is hot like it was on our trip. The boat doesn’t have any provisions sold on board so you’ll be pretty thirsty before the 25 minute boat journey ends. Although the beautiful views as you travel through the Krka National Park might help to take your mind off of your parched throat!

Krka National Park is really lush and green – and there’s plenty of wildlife to be seen; we spotted Swallows, Swans, lots of fish and a few other birds that I wasn’t able to identify.

Krka National Park

Once you get off of the boat a wooden walkway guides you round to the main visitor area. Here you’ll find the toilet block (super long queues and make sure you have change to pay for use) and a sweet little stone chapel. There is also a large map of the park and a few places to get food and drink. You can pick up leaflets here giving you the walking routes through the park.

Skradinski Buk Waterfall

Of course the main attraction at Krka National Park are the waterfalls! There are seven across the park however the most famous is Skradinski Buk and that’s the first one you see when you walk past the food stalls. I was blown away by how gorgeous it is – I adore waterfalls (saw plenty in Icleand) but they really never get old. You can view the waterfall from various places in the park. There are bridges and walkways that all lead to it so have a wander round and explore.

Skradinski Buk Krka National Park

Skradinski Park Krka National Park

The Skradinski Buk waterfall was definitely the highlight of our trip to Krka National Park for me. I really wish we’d had time to see more but it was packed solid and we didn’t get the chance to explore the park fully. Plus after a couple of hours of swimming in the falls and sunbathing the heat was really getting to me! I’d love to go back and spend a whole day walking around, visiting the monastery and the other waterfalls!

Krka National Park

My top tips for visiting Krka National Park:
  • Wear sensible shoes – those mesh swim shoes with the rubber soles would be ideal as the floor of the falls is rocky and slippery
  • Pack sunscreen and spend some time in the shade. It was super hot when we went and I got pretty sunburnt despite having factor 30 on – rookie mistake as the mist from the falls made me feel a lot cooler.
  • Pack your swimming gear – a couple of visitors I had spoken to hadn’t realised that you could swim in the falls and so missed out on such a big part of the experience!
  • Bring a picnic – the food is over priced and not particularly exciting. We ended up eating crepes that weren’t that great. I wish I’d had the foresight to bring our own
  • Picnic Blanket for the win – the ground around the park is very dusty in the drier months. Our towels got coated in brown dust which meant it wasn’t very pleasant to use them to dry off.On good weather days it gets very crowded – i’d love to visit in the low season so that I could get photos without a million people in them 🙂

So there you have it – a little guide to visiting Krka National Park in Croatia.



Krka National Park

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