5 Steps to Finding Your Passion in Life

Have you found your Passion in life? Some days or weeks I feel like I’m completely nailing adulthood; Lily’s homework has been done on time, I’ve stuck to my meal plan and the kitchen is sparkling. And then out of nowhere I lose my way and all of that niggly self-doubt and self-destructive behaviour comes back in a flash. Suddenly I’m sat wondering if I’m a good mum, if I’m messing up at work or if I even want to do my job? Am I happy? Am I successful? Am I stuck? I start wondering if everyone else is as ‘sorted’ as they seem – if they are all passionate about their jobs, colour coding their books, revelling in their clean homes, and feeling in love with every minute of their lives. I’ve tried to speak to people about it before and they just want to throw random words at you like, “follow your dreams”, “do what you love and love what you do”. It’s like they’ve swallowed a book of positive quotes found on Pinterest. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that in reality. What if you don’t know what your passion is? What if you are stuck in a job you hate simply because it pays the bills? How many people do you know who are truly in a career they are passionate about? I bet the reality is quite low – despite what they might make you believe. I think that everybody wants to find their passion in life – be that the right person (luckily I’ve already got him), the right career or even the right hobby. But that can seem like such a difficult process at times and we tend to put the task on the back burner, hoping that one day everything will just drop into place. Unfortunately the chances of everything you’ve ever wanted dropping into your lap are about as remote as Alexander Skarsgard delivering me chocolate to work every time I’m PMT-ing (v remote). The Solution to Finding Your Passion? Like anything truly worthwhile in life, finding our passion requires us to give ourselves some time and dedication. We have to work at finding it. Here are 5 steps that can help you find yours: Perspective Like with anything the way you approach finding your passion will be affected by your perspective. If you sit there thinking that you don’t have … Continue reading 5 Steps to Finding Your Passion in Life