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Craft Beer – Brew By Numbers 01/06 Saison

It’s been about a year now since I really started getting into craft beer. And now I would definitely call myself a beer lover. I’m passionate about trying beers from new breweries, sharing the love for my favourite craft beers. And of course am always finding new bars to drink in.

One of my most frequented local places to stop for a drink is The Other Room – a small craft beer bar near Tower Bridge in Bermondsey. The craft beer scene in London is constantly expanding and we have literally some of the best breweries right on our doorstep. As you can imagine, this is pretty exciting for someone with a craft beer passion! I’ll pop up a review of The Other Room soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Scott and I had an impromptu date night last week as Lily was at a sleepover so we went out for some dinner and a few drinks after work.

It was great to just sit down and relax together as we’ve both been super busy at work lately. Scott isn’t really into craft beer but was happy to pop into the bar with me for a couple.

Craft Beer Brew By Numbers 01/06

Brew By Numbers Saison 01/06 – Motueka and Lime (5%)

I’ve liked the Brew by Numbers craft beer that I’ve tried in the past and so opted for the 01/06 Saison – Motueka and Lime (5%).

It was certainly a drinkable beer however it certainly wasn’t the sour saison I was promised by the bar staff. The beer has a lovely bright colour, pours with minimal head and smells strongly of citrus and yeast. This is definitely very yeasty and fruity but I would have liked it if the lime was stronger. I didn’t get much of the lime zest as the motueka hops seemed to overpower the flavour. That’s coming from someone who loves a strong sour craft beer so for most people the level of zestiness would have been enough.

What craft beer have you tried recently?



Craft Beer Review


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