Craft Beer London – The Other Room Beer Bar

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One of my most frequented local places to stop for a drink is The Other Room – a small craft beer bar in Bermondsey.

The craft beer scene in London is constantly expanding and we have literally some of the best breweries right on our doorstep.

As you can imagine, this is pretty exciting for someone with a craft beer passion! I thought i’d share my review of this little bar with you guys 🙂

The Other Room Craft Beer Bar

The Look

The decor is a mix of industrial chic and your grandma’s living room – think old paintings in gold gilt frames paired with funky open bulb light fixtures and metal stools. It shouldn’t work but it totally does. The eclectic decor is complemented with a simple and straightforward beer menu that changes constantly.

The Other Room Craft Beer Bar

The Drinks – Craft Beer Selection

Despite being pretty small and cosy, The Other Room always have a decent selection of craft beer on top and a fridge full of bottles and cans. They usually have at least three local craft beer breweries on offer too so it’s a great place to try out a locally brewed beer.

The Food

The Other Room do a selection of bar style nibbles – from mac n cheese, to chips and a pint of popcorn. Prices are fairly reasonable but there’s clearly not a proper kitchen so don’t be expecting amazing food. It’s fine to keep you going between drinks but it’s not somewhere you would go for a meal. I tried the spicy wings and whilst they were definitely spicy *OUCH*. Unfortunately the heat overpowered any flavour and the stinging sensation on my tongue made it hard to taste my beer!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Good: I love that The Other room serve up local brews and change up their offering regularly. You also get a discount for takeaway beers.

Bad: The food is nothing to write home about. Every time I’ve been in there have been at least two advertised beers that aren’t actually available.

Ugly: Whilst the staff are pleasant and always welcome you in I’ve found that they don’t really know their beer. I tend to know what I like but it would be off-putting for someone new to craft beer. It grates on me that a beer bar has staff who state that they aren’t beer drinkers or haven’t tried the beers!

Craft Beer London

Have you visited The Other Room? What did you think? Let me know if there’s any craft beer bars in London you recommend 🙂



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