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25 Photos of Bali that will make you want to visit right now!

Bali Baby

I shared a post on 25 photos that will make you want to visit Iceland a few months back and it was a popular post.

I got lots of messages from people who decided to put that incredible country on their bucket list thanks to it. So I figured I’d give a little more wanderlust this month 🙂

Last year my gorgeous sisters and big brother from another mother went to Bali.

I’d love to be that kind of person who could say they weren’t jealous and actually mean it…

But no! I was green with envy. And not just the pale green of all-day morning sickness. Proper deep emerald green ha!

Whilst I worked at my desk they sent me pictures of beautiful sunsets and crystal clear seas.

Whilst I quickly scoffed a lunchtime baguette from Pret, they sent me pictures of coconuts and to-die-for ice creams.

You get the picture.

Here are 25 pictures of Bali that will make you want to visit right now (because I’m nice like that!) 😉

  1. Sunsets and Skies

Catherine Hayes shared this beautiful sunset shot – just look at those fiery skies!

2. Rice Rice Baby

My sisters, Down2a.T shared this stunning shot of the rice fields in Bali – how peaceful does that look?!

3. Holy Rivers

There’s something so peaceful and yet vibrant about this shot by Harimaolee

4. Rest & Relaxation

Anyone else thinking that they would give pretty much anything to be lying there at the Kamandalu Resort in Ubud?

Looks like the perfect spot to do some reading and sipping of cocktails!

5. Picturesque Sights

Having some serious travel (not to mention body!) envy of Aggie from Travel in her shoes right now!

I’m a major history geek and love to explore the history and cultures of other countries. Would love to see this!

6. Buddhism & Hinduism

Most Balinese people are Hindu, believing in the Agama Tirta, “holy-water religion”. Many others are Buddhist and both religions share similarities.

7. Swing when you’re winning

Swings seem to be a real ‘thang’ in Bali. And with views like this one from Monica Flatland you can see why!

8. Healthy Eating

Rita Beaver‘s photos of breakfasts in Bali literally had me drooling. My favourite Balinese dish is Nasi Goreng – a spicy fried rice.

I have to get my fix over at East Street (a must stop if you are in London and love Pan Asian food!)

9. Crystal Clear

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cloud nine☁️🌊✨

A post shared by Prim Pimchanok (@primpcn) on

Just look at the crystal clear water captured by Prim Pimchanok 

Honestly, I’m not one for swimming in the sea but I’m pretty sure I’d make an exception in Bali.

10. There’s a pink beach

I mean, I don’t need to say more than that right? Love this shot by Quinn Luu *all the heart eyes*

11. Don’t go chasing waterfalls

So I wouldn’t look quite as stunning as Marina does whilst casually posing in front of a waterfall.

What a backdrop for photos though!

12. Markets

I love wandering around local markets when I’m abroad.

And the markets in Bali would not disappoint – Best of Bali shared this shot of fresh ingredients ready to turn into spicy local food.

13. and 14. All the plants and all the pools…

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Sunday St Regis Style @stregisbali . . 📸 by me @the_seminyak_snob . . We are here to keep you up to date on all things new and fun in Seminyak and on this beautiful Island . . . Follow our adventures here, on facebook and be sure to check us out on line for our travels and tips . . Happy Holidays 🏖. . #balillove #balibeaches #seminyak #snob #balilovers #bali2018 #balitravelguide #balilife #mybalidiary #bestinbali #baliblogger #thisisbali #nusadua #iaminbalinow #thisisbali #seminyakstyle #balionmymind #sunshineonmymind #liveexquisite #sun #beautifuldestinations #stregisbali #holidayideas #islandlifestyle #nusaduaresorts #theseminyaksnob #stregis . .

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Perhaps I need to live in Bali? My dreams of an apartment filled with plants seems like it’d be a lot easier to achieve out there.

And no, no pool envy here… nope, nada… ok maybe a little.

Ps if you are already wanting to visit Bali thanks to this post do NOT go onto The Seminyak Snob‘s Instagram. She’ll have you booking flights in the next five minutes…

I’ve still not got pool envy by the way. Rochelle Fox knows how to do a bird’s eye view photo for sure.

Mine would look less like a mermaid and more like a whale had invaded ha!

15. Foodie Heaven

Did I mention the food? My sisters are vegan and loved the amount of variety there was in Bali.

I’m not vegan BUT I reckon I’d still love sampling the food in this shot by Elsa’s Wholesome Life!

16. There are Elephants!

Oh just look at the baby elephant! Mason Elephant Park & Lodge are committed to the care and welfare of the endangered Sumatran elephants that live there.

17. Shopaholics

If you are one of those *ahem like me* who loves to do a little shopping on holiday then it looks like Bali wouldn’t disappoint.

As well as lots of artisan handmade goods such as woven bags, there are also beautiful bright fabrics and local projects to support. Check on Little Bali Love for more inspiration.

18. Bali for Kids…


And if also like me, you’ve got little ones then Bali would be a great place to visit.

I think kids benefit so much from travel – and I think our daughter would love to explore the rice fields (not to mention pretending to be a mermaid on the beaches!)

19. and 20. Colour and Cocktails…

How fantastic and bright is this shot of the Motel Mexicola?

And that my friends is a watermelon vodka slushee…

Lemme’ repeat that – A WATERMELON VODKA SLUSHEE….

Yeah, I properly fancy one of those!

21. Sweet dreams…

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Was it all a dream? 😴

A post shared by ELLIE ⋆ WATSON (@elliebullen) on

Just a beautiful bed…

Some of the resorts in Bali are absolutely spectacular. Like this one captured by Ellie Bullen.

22. and 23. Bathtime Beauty

Suffering pure bath envy thanks to Villas in Paradise!

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Immersed in 🌱🌺🍃🌼🌱 @fivelementsbali

A post shared by Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea) on

I have no words… Tara Milk Tea took this photo at The Four Seasons in Bali…. just… wow!

24. Wellbeing…

Whilst in Bali my sisters went on a yoga retreat.

Love this shot by The Luxury Bali of a yoga session at Udaya Resort & Spa.

Spas are also super popular – and I never say no to one of those!

25. Beach, please!

Would totally be onboard for spending 6 months on this beach….

So there you have it – 25 photos that will make you want to visit! Did it work?

Are you reaching for your credit card yet?

I’d love to go to Bali so will be looking out for deals in future – pretty sure my sisters would be up for a return trip!



25 Photos of Bali that will make you want to visit right now!

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  • Reply Rhian Westbury February 16, 2018 at 9:33 am

    I had a trip booked to Bali for last year and sadly I never made it there but I’d love to go one year x

  • Reply Michelle Kellogg February 16, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Those photos are amazing! Now I have to put Bali on my travel bucket list:)

  • Reply Beth @ February 16, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Oh wow! These are amazing! 🙂 I had never thought about Bali as a destination but now I am. 🙂

  • Reply Cath - BattleMum February 16, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    You’ve featured one of my favourite Instagram accounts, Little Bali Love. Everything the link up to my wanderlustkids hashtag I get serious wanderlust. So many other lovely photos featured too!

  • Reply Kaz | Ickle Pickles Life and Travels February 16, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Oh my goodness! I have never been to Bali but so want to now! Stunning photos. Kaz

  • Reply Siobhan February 16, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    What wonderful photos. You’re right they do make me want to visit Bali! x #bloggerclubuk

  • Reply Jenni February 16, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    Wow, those photos are truly amazing! Who wouldn’t want to visit after seeing these?

  • Reply Kerry Norris February 17, 2018 at 10:20 am

    My goodness these photos are amazing, The holy rivers capture is awesome. Bali has been on my bucket list for a while

  • Reply Jenni February 19, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    I’m completely sold the pictures are amazing, what a great post thanks for sharing

  • Reply Newcastle Family Life March 15, 2018 at 10:44 am

    It looks amazing! I am searching for honeymoon destinations for next year and I love the look of Bali x

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