My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

I’ve been so pre-occupied with the fact that our baby boy is due on my birthday that I completely forgot about my actual birthday!

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a ‘special’ birthday *the big 30 is next year – yikes* but I’ve normally made some plans by now.

The best birthday present this year, of course, would be the safe arrival of Theo – however, even this mum would like a few treats!

My Birthday Wishlist1. Dolly Parton Vinyl

I’m a massive Dolly Parton fan and would love some vinyl to add to my slowly growing collection!

2. GHD Creative Curl Wand

I used this on a hen weekend earlier this year and loved how easily it curled my hair. I’d love to have one of my own!

3. New Towels

Ok so it’s probably a weird thing to ask for as a birthday gift but I LOVE new towels and these ones would feel luxurious at bath time.

One of my favourite baby shower gifts was from my friend Jessie who got me a fab bath board so I can read my book (and drink my gin!) in the bath to relax after the little one is here.

These towels would add to that pampering experience!

4. A Mani-Pedi

I really love getting a manicure and pedicure (oh and facial/massage/etc). When you are a new mum you end up sleep deprived, exhausted and it’s hard to find time to yourself.

A birthday gift like this would be bliss. Also how pretty is this shade of OPI – it’s called Mod About You and I love it!

5. Pretty Scents

I love having diffusers in the house – they make space feel so fresh and inviting.

This one is the Exotic Fig scent from Oliver Bonas and I am addicted to the scent.

6. Post-Baby Style

Dressing a post-partum shape is never easy. I remember after having Lily I just felt so disconnected from my own body – I felt like I had no idea what suited my body type anymore.

I’m not expecting to feel any better this time around and whilst I’m looking forward to bringing back some exercise I don’t plan on putting any pressure on myself.

And so a few pretty pieces that will make me feel comfortable and stylish without hassle will be ideal for the first couple of months.

This dress is from Warehouse – I think the shape would be flattering and so would the vertical stripes.

It has pom-poms too *BONUS*

My friend and his girlfriend are visiting a few days after my birthday.

I’m definitely hoping the baby is here by then so that a) he can meet them and b) we can find a beer garden and I can enjoy a couple of cold IPAs! That would be a perfect present ha!

What’s on your wishlist?



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