Our New House - Living Room Before - Feature Wallpaper

Our New House – The Before – Home Renovation Project

Our New House

I’m pretty sure that all I can talk about at the minute is our new place and moving (and moaning about the current ‘to-do list’ for our new place which needs a bit of a renovation!).

I apologize for turning into a less smiley version of Carol Smiley overnight ha! I’m so relieved to finally be in our new house but there really is just so much work to be done before it looks the way that I want it to.

Moving was pretty stressful (to say the least!) and taking on a renovation project was a bold choice – particularly for DIY Novices such as ourselves. Even more so when you consider the fact that we have a young child and a newborn!

Next time I think we will opt to use a service like the one offered by Speed Property Buyers – they handle all selling and make the whole process a lot quicker. Honestly, paperwork was the complete bane of my life during the process and meant I was rushing to do everything on someone else’s timescale!

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And we are "In" – there are still boxes and bags everywhere to be unpacked and found homes and over time we will be decorating (yay!) but for now I'm just glad to have a proper house for our family. . . It still feels a little surreal – Scott yesterday asked 'shall I put this in the garden?' and we both had to stop for an 'omg we have a garden!' moment 😂 . . Thanks for your tips yesterday have tried quite a few and the house smells a lot fresher – the smell of smoke is slowly going thankfully and we are going to be focusing on the worst smelling rooms for painting and decorating starting this weekend! I'll take some photos today and do a 'before' tour this week if you'd like to see *I'm nosy I love that stuff!* 😉😂

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Over the next few months (ahem years) I’ll be sharing the progress on our mini home renovation.

I am pretty certain that, unless we finally move to Scotland *still dreaming*, this is likely to be our ‘forever home’. It’s got everything we need as a family, is in a great location and I can’t imagine us moving on from here any time soon.

As it is likely to be where we live for many years I’m not really in a massive rush to ‘do it all’ right away. I’d rather live in the space and take our time renovating it so that we truly love our home – not just rush it for the sake of it.

What renovations need doing?

Every room in the house (plus the garden) needs work on some scale – it’s all pretty dated and dingy but thankfully there are no structural issues to worry about – it’s purely aesthetics.

Some of the flooring, lighting and internal doors need replacing too – and as it’s a 3 bedroom townhouse that’s a fair amount of space. Of course we haven’t won the lottery so none of this work can happen overnight and for the most part, the rooms are livable for now so we’ll be taking our ‘renovation project’ gradually.

We have already painted Lily’s room and next on our list is Theo’s nursery – we hadn’t planned to do anything to his room until after Christmas, however, Scott’s mum is going to be coming to stay with us for a little while and so I am just going to clean it up and whitewash it as a temporary measure to make it habitable.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some photos of the house how it is now – please do excuse the mess and the fact that we have lots to unpack still – a week in and I’m struggling to get it all done with the baby!

It’ll be good to look back on this post one day and see how far we’ve come at turning this space into our perfect home.

Each room

I love interiors and am so looking forward to getting stuck in and creating our own family home.

You can catch smaller updates here on my Instagram, as well as video in my highlights of a ‘before’ tour and I’ll make sure to share the bigger projects here on the blog too.

The Hallways

The downstairs hallway is tiny – once you’re through the front door you are more or less straight into the living room – the kitchen door is on the left of this photo and a storage cupboard and the stairs (with a small landing) are on the right.

This space is quite dark and dingy – the natural light isn’t great which makes it feel a bit cramped. At the moment this cupboard has been used as storage – it’s unlit and the previous tenants left loads of random ‘stuff’ in there for us to get rid of. As the kitchen is so small I’m hoping to actually turn this space into something usable – a walk in pantry. This would free up lots of space in the kitchen for storage.

The flooring in this hallway will need replacing – when we replace the living room floor we will probably use the same flooring and continue it into this space. At the moment all we’ve done in this space is fit our copper light shade.

Our New House - Hallway Before - Upstairs

Eventually, all of the carpets on the first and second-floor hallways and both sets of stairs will be getting replaced. They are in a pretty poor state – lots of holes, stains and they smell like cigarettes. Unfortunately, as it’s such a large space this is definitely a job that will need to wait.

Upstairs the hallway has much more natural light but is in need of a revamp. The light fixtures need replacing and I’m hoping to replace all of the doors with solid wood ones too.

In the meantime, I’m planning to give all of these hallways another coat of bright white paint to lighten up the spaces and I’ll probably put up a few pictures too just to give the blank walls a bit of personality.


It’s really hard to get a proper photo of the kitchen as it is quite a small space. At the moment the kitchen is perfectly livable with enough storage it just isn’t to my taste at all.

It’s also not functioning as well as it could do – there are lots of cupboards but it all feels very cramped and tired. The kitchen will be a major renovation project and so it’s something we’ll be saving up for!

In the meantime, a lick of fresh paint and some accessories will have to do.

Living Room

Our New House - Living Room Before - Corner

I think the living room has lots of potential – it’s pretty much a blank canvas at the moment, well apart from the random wallpaper on the ‘feature wall’. It’s definitely not to my taste.

Our New House - Living Room Before - Back Door

We love the big windows and the fact that the back door opens out into the garden – it makes the room feel really light and spacious.

Our New House - Living Room Before - Feature Wallpaper

This room really only needs decorating and updating to suit our tastes so hopefully won’t be a huge project to complete. Scott has plans to build some fitted storage, we need to find somewhere to store his weights bench and the car seat and it needs a bit of love but it will eventually be a really comfy space.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a really good size, if a little oddly shaped! It’s got big windows and a little ‘dressing area’ with fitted wardrobes leading to an en-suite bathroom.

Our New House - Bedroom Before - Corner

This picture shows the view from next to the bed down to the dressing area and the en-suite. At the moment there’s still furniture in the room that was left here (like the Ikea wardrobe) that needs to be got rid of before we can make full use of the space.

Like the living room this space really just needs decorating and updating – I don’t like the flooring or the walls but hopefully, they won’t be huge jobs to get done.

Our New House - Living Room Before - Corner

Other than the decorating I’d like to replace the doors with solid wood ones (a project I want to complete throughout the whole house eventually!) and turn this into a really relaxing and peaceful space.

En-Suite (ish!) bathroom

Technically this is an en-suite bathroom as there’s a door to it from the master bedroom. However, it is also accessible from the hallway and is the bathroom that any guests would be using.

Our New House - Bathroom Before - Downstairs

One day I’d like to completely renovate this space – ripping it out and completely replacing it.

The suite is perfectly livable for now but this room could be so much nicer than it currently is. That’s a big project that won’t be getting looked at for a long time!

In the meantime, I want to sort out some storage for all of our bath products and use a grout pen on the grout.

Oh and excuse Theo sat chilling out in his bath seat there – it was the only way I could get any photos taken ha!

Ps if you have any tips for cleaning ingrained water marks off of the glass shower door I would appreciate them – it’s pretty grimy and I’ve cleaned it with glass cleaner but no luck!

Lily’s Bedroom

Lily’s bedroom is a nice, cosy space and was the first room we did anything to.

The previous tenant had teenage sons who slept in the top floor bedrooms and who were smokers. This meant that the room smelt awful!

I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and despite a thorough cleaning and airing the smell took over a week and a new coat of paint to go! The flooring in here was OK so we just cleaned it up and painted.

Our New House - Lily's Bedroom Before - Corner

Lily requested a navy blue triangle and white walls so we’ve done exactly that – I plan to put something along the top edge of the triangle too – am thinking a band of gold. Then it will be a case of putting up her photos and changing the lights.

Our New House - Lily's Bedroom Before - Alcove

Scott is planning to build Lily a desk and shelving unit in this alcove and we need to finish painting the woodwork white too!

Theo’s Bedroom

After Lily’s room, Theo’s room will be our focus. We weren’t planning to do anything to it just yet but as my mother in law is coming to stay for a while she will need a room.

Our New House - Theo's Bedroom Before - Corner

Our New House - Theo's Bedroom Before - Blind

The walls are FULL of holes and it smells like cigarettes – as you can see I’ve started filling in the holes but it all needs a good scrub and then will be painted. There’s also furniture left behind here that needs to be chucked out – like the random office chair! The broken blind needs to come down and be replaced too.

For now, though, the room will just be painted plain white but before Theo moves up there we will decorate it to suit him.

Our New House - Theo's Bedroom Before - Wardrobe

The room has a huge built-in wardrobe which is great for storage – unfortunately, one of the doors is missing and the other one has a huge hole in the front so until I can replace them I’ll be removing them and putting a curtain up to cover the space. As you can see in the photo above the internal shelf is on the verge of breaking so that will come down and be replaced with something sturdier too!

Kid’s Bathroom

On the top floor, next to the kid’s rooms is a decent sized bathroom.

Our New House - Kid's Bathroom Before - Corner

Like the one on the first floor, it is perfectly livable with a simple plain white suite however we plan to eventually pull it out and replace it with something to our taste. As you can see it’s currently a dumping ground for lots of stuff we’ve not found homes for yet!

As there isn’t the budget to do that as of yet I’m guessing that this is a renovation project that will be on the backburner for a few years.

The Garden

It’s certainly not the biggest of spaces and it’s very overlooked. However, I LOVE the fact that we finally have a garden space of our own. *ignore the washing on the line – making the most of a relatively sunny day!*

Our New House - The Garden Before - Corner

We’ve only had a tiny balcony for the past four years so having an actual outside space feels like such a blessing. Eventually, I’d like to have a covered area for dining and some raised beds for growing vegetables.

At the moment we are just going to leave the space as it is – perhaps just tidying it up around the edges as there’s a lot of ‘dead’ stuff and weeds.

As you can see we have our work cut out on this renovation project. It’s definitely going to be a slow progress but I’m really excited to get stuck in.



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  • Reply Susie. August 30, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    Wow what a project! Did you meet the people you bought the house from-could you get them to come and remove the stuff they left? At least you didn’t pay extra for new kitchens and decor you didn’t like, and because you can do renovations to your own taste you can enjoy living there and then make a good profit when you sell to finance your next home!
    Good luck with everything- the house we bought in Clapham a couple of years ago was also a doer upper and we have now completed extension and renovations it’s worth it in 5ge end.

    • Reply bettertogetherhome September 1, 2018 at 2:39 pm

      Unfortunately we haven’t been able to ask them to come and collect the things they left behind – and so we are going to have to pay to get them taken away by the local council rubbish collection team! Such a pain but at least once the things are gone we’ll be able to unpack properly 🙂

  • Reply Tracey Kifford August 30, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    We’ve lived in our home for 8 years now and we STILL have things to do! It’s never ending!

    • Reply bettertogetherhome September 1, 2018 at 2:39 pm

      I’m sure I’ll always find something else to work on but I enjoy it anyway 🙂

  • Reply Rachel Evans August 30, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    Oh wow yes you have a big job on your hands, but like you said, so exciting! I can’t wait to see your progress! X

    • Reply bettertogetherhome September 1, 2018 at 2:40 pm

      Definitely a big job but i’m excited to get stuck in :)x

  • Reply Claire September 9, 2018 at 9:45 am

    White vinegar for the water stains! 🙂 It works wonderfully but it stinks. Mix it with a bit of water and soak the stains with it for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Hopefully, they should vanish when scrubbed after the soaking!

    • Reply bettertogetherhome September 20, 2018 at 7:54 pm

      Thanks Claire I will try it! xx

  • Reply Asiye October 8, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    You have got this you are one of the most strongest women I know 💪 everything comes in time soon your home will be how you want it enjoy every moment of your journey with your beautiful family ❤️😘xx

    • Reply bettertogetherhome October 8, 2018 at 8:50 pm

      Thankyou darling! We will get it there in the end 🙂 xx

  • Reply The.reading.mama October 8, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    It may seem never ending, but I’ll be there at all the pit stops with gin 🍸
    Well done! It’s gonna look fab!!!

  • Reply Gulseren October 8, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    How exciting! I’m so happy for you Scott and the kids. I can’t wait to come over for dinner and arrange movie nights. Love you loads xxxxxx

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