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We did it – we’ve reached the four months mark with our sanity and family relationships (mostly) intact! We’re now officially out of the newborn stage – time seems to be whizzing by (apart from on the sleepless nights!).

I figured it was about time I shared the baby essentials that we have relied on over the past few months…

Newborn Must Haves / Newborn Essentials

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Of course this is only an essential if you are formula feeding (which we are).

I was a little dubious about it, to be honest but had a lot of personal recommendations that I trusted. My cousin Victoria said it’s a complete lifesaver, particularly for night feeds.

It means that we can basically feed on demand and avoid Theo getting all worked up when he’s hungry.

His bottles are ready to go at the perfect temperature in just a couple of minutes, rather than having to boil the kettle and then wait for it to cool down.

I’ve always been a big fan of Tommee Tippee as a brand and this product is no exception. It’s something I’d definitely recommend any mum who isn’t breastfeeding.


I couldn’t have got through the newborn months with Lily without our bouncer so it was one of the first things I put on our list when expecting Theo. It’s so handy having somewhere safe for the baby to sit so I can have a quick bath, make a cup of tea or prepare his bottle.

Ours was a second-hand gift and is a fab simple design – if I had bought it new I would have gone for something like this.

Angelcare Bath Support

As a baby Lily always bathed with Scott but this time round I thought I’d try doing the bathimes myself. Also Lily wanted to have baths with her baby brother and there’s no way all three of them would fit in a tub!

We were bought this bath support and it has been an actual lifesaver. Not only is it great in the bath but Theo also uses it as a comfy seat which is a good alternative to the bouncer.

Plus it was perfect for the paddling pool in the summer!

Sling/ Baby Carrier

In all honesty whilst I wanted to try baby wearing this time around I didn’t really expect to get much use out of the sling/ baby carrier.

I pretty much expected Scott to be the only one who used it. Especially as I have a bad back and figured it would only make that worse.

However, I’ve surprised myself with how much I love it. We have the Moby Wrap which I bought from Natural Baby Shower.  It’s really easy to use and simple to tye in a variety of ways.

Theo sleeps so well in it – sometimes it’s the only thing that will settle him. I’ve mostly used it for when we are taking trips by bus or going for short journeys – particularly when I know we are going somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of room for prams, such as local coffee shops.

Now he’s getting a bit bigger we are also using our Close Caboo wrap which was a gift from Scott’s work.

I’ll do a proper review of both wraps another day 🙂


In all honesty with Lily, I didn’t use muslins at all – I’d bought some because they were on a list of things Mothercare told me I would need (!) but I never once used one.

This time around I’ve been using them constantly and find them so handy.

I’ve used them for mopping up sick, as burping cloths, cot sheets, a swaddle, a sunshade, even as a gentle exfoliating face wipe for myself!

Really I’m just wishing that a) I’d picked up more and b) got some nicer designs – most of the ones I have are plain white.

My favourites were a gift from a friend and are from Lil Cubs – we have the one pictured above as well as a fab penguin print. They are a bigger size than most so perfect for swaddling.

Another friend gifted us with a BIG rainbow print one which I have mainly used as a playmat as it’s massive!

I honestly don’t think I could have got through the past few months without these things.

What products were your newborn must haves?



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