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Our 2019 Home Bucket List

For those of you who have been here before you’ll know that at the end of Summer last year we moved into our new home.

I say ‘new’ but as we’ve now been in 6 months it’s not very new any more. Actually it wasn’t very new to start with as it needed a lot of work. So far, what with my being on maternity leave, we’ve not got much done.

Lily’s room was decorated shortly after moving in and we stripped the horrible wallpaper in the living room but, aside from that, we’ve not had the time or money to focus on the house projects.

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I love a list so thought I’d share my 2019 Home Bucket List here – the main things I want to get finished this year!

2019 Home Bucket List

  • Painting Theo’s room
  • Carpeting the stairs and hallways
  • Finish painting the woodwork in Lily’s room
  • Put up our gallery wall
  • Paint the living room
  • Build our dining table
  • Build raised beds in the garden
  • Change the lights in the living room
  • Paint the garden fences and raised beds
  • Paint our bedroom
  • Find an armchair
  • Take locks off of the internal doors
  • Upcycle my table
  • Create a sewing nook/desk area for me
  • Headboard for our bedroom
  • Plant out our vegetable patch

Out of those there are 8 that are bigger projects and 7 smaller projects that can be done in a day or 2. We’ve still got 10 months left of the year so I’ll be spreading the bigger ones out across the months and doing the little ones as and when we get a spare weekend.

That being said we’re not going to pressurise ourself to get them all done as I don’t want to spend every weekend working on DIY! Particularly not now i’m back at work and don’t get to see the kids very much on weekdays.

I also want to spend some time in 2019 working on my knitting, crochet and sewing skills – I tend to put those and the blog on the back burner when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with general ‘life’ so I want to build in time to work on those.

I think the first big job on our list to get done will be building the raised planters in the back garden. Especially as I need to start planting out our veg and flowers from the end of March/ beginning of April!

What’s on your ‘Home Bucket List’ this year?



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