Garden Wishlist & Makeover Plan

I can’t wait to get started on our garden makeover – having our own outdoor space is such a privilege in inner London. So whilst our space isn’t huge it will definitely be well used.

The first thing I always suggest, before starting any project, is to sit down and decide what it is that you want from the space – that goes for interiors as well as gardens.

Scott and I would like our garden to be a really sociable area – with a space dedicated to cooking and eating with our friends. It also needs to have space to entertain our kids, for example, a sandpit and swing or room for a paddling pool in the summer months.

I’m also a keen gardener – I’ve even signed up to study Horticulture with the RHS, and so I want to have lots of flowers and vegetables growing in our back garden. So far I’ve started off lots of vegetables and flowers from seed and the plan is to have raised beds to put those into.

Our space is quite overlooked and pretty boring. We cut down the trees on either side, sledgehammered up the concrete border and made the garden as much of a blank space as possible.

The next step of our plan is to build raised beds down both sides of the garden. These will house my vegetables and flowers – they will be mixed together for the most part as I plan to make the vegetables part of the border design. I love these wooden beds pictured above from Wood Blocx but I don’t have the budget for them, unfortunately – but aren’t they fantastic! The company makes bespoke beds to your design too – with features such as built in seats or ponds available!

In one corner we will have a wooden pergola-like structure on which we can hang a swing for the children.

Something like this for the kids

On one side of the garden, there will be a built-in bench between the raised planters. This will provide much-needed seating and can double up as a sofa area but also we will be able to put the dining table up against it and it can provide seating for meals on there.

Opposite the built-in bench, we will have brackets to which we can attach a roller blind – this will provide a backdrop for our projector so that we can have outdoor movie nights. As the blind won’t be weatherproof it will be removable when not in use.

Outdoor movie area

Currently the majority of the garden is covered in gravel, however, this will be going and be replaced with turf. I think that will make a much nicer surface for the kids to play on and will add some greenery and softness to the space.

Immediately off of the back door we will have a decked or paved area (it’s currently a concrete slab) with a mud kitchen for the kids and lots of pots and hanging baskets with herbs, tomatoes and strawberries – things that the kids can pick themselves. The mud kitchen pictured is from South West Timber and I love it!

I love the idea of the garden being an extension of our living space and so will add little touches that give the space personality and make it feel homely and cosy.

Things such as comfy cushions for our dining chairs, beanbags for the kids to lounge on and atmospheric lighting such as these string lights from Festive Lights.

Of course, a sociable garden would not be complete without a BBQ and for me, you just can’t beat a proper charcoal fire. Pretty sure Scott would love this beast from BBQ Land.

What do you think of our plans? It’s such a small space but I’m really hoping we fit as much as possible into it in order to make the most of the area we have. I’m looking forward to long summer evenings relaxing with a gin and tonic!



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