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5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Home Decor

We moved into our home last year, although there’s still some stuff that needs unpacking and there’s a lot of work still to do on our home renovation project.

As it’s going to be a while until we can fully decorate and update things to our tastes we have been focusing for the short term on making it feel more homely.

Personally, I think it’s easy, not to mention boring, to simply copy the look of someone else’s home or a stylised page from a magazine. To me, homes are supposed to be an extension of your family and your personalities.

I love homes that feel lived in, where pieces such as the furniture or the objects on display tell you a little bit about the people living there or have a story behind them.

Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our fair share of Ikea flatpack furniture; pieces where the only story is the argument you had marching around Ikea because your other half wouldn’t let you buy yet more candles 😉

But we have also, slowly and over a long time, replaced a lot of those items with pieces that are meaningful to us or that we truly love.

P.S: I’ll always have a lot of love for Kallax and Billy 

Here are five simple ways that we have used and that you can too to add a personal touch to your home decor.

Just a few little projects can really help to make your house feel like home.

  1. Photos and Art

We love our photos and artworks – we’ve got several pieces of art and prints that are very meaningful to us; such as the Scottish saying and lyric prints from New Icons of Print and a painting by a friend of a friend which Scott fell in love with when he saw it in her flat – I later bought it off of her as a surprise anniversary present.

Putting up your personal photographs or prints add instant personality to your home. If you are renting and can’t drill holes in the wall then use command strips to hang them easily without damaging the walls!

2. Add Comfort and warmth

I always feel most comfortable in a space that has texture and softness to it. It’s much nicer to sit on a soft sofa with a throw and cushions on than it is to sit on one that’s bare.

I usually add a throw over the arm of our sofa and a few scatter cushions too – they can instantly update a tired sofa, add colour to a room and there’s nothing quite like a movie night tucked up under a snuggly blanket.

Personality through textiles

The same thing goes for floors – we have laminate floors which can be quite cold so a textured rug adds an instant finishing touch whilst keeping the floors cosy underfoot. I love this jute one from La Redoute.

On our bed we have a throw we brought back from Sweden which does the quadruple whammy of adding colour, texture, warmth and reminding us of one of our favourite holidays.

3. Put memories on display

Aside from photographs most of us have items of furniture or objects that have been given to us by people we love or which we have inherited. I’ve got a wooden trinket box that my grandad made for me and which for years was kept in a cupboard to keep it safe.

Now though I have it out on my desk and it’s an instant reminder of my beloved papa and makes my desk a happier space.

We’ve got a whole set of vintage tableware given to us by my mother in law and instead of keeping it ‘for best’ we use it every day. I love serving up our dinner on the pretty retro plates and she loves that we are actually using it rather than keeping it in the cupboard as she did for years.

4. Go Green

OK so my husband will tell you that I’ve turned our house into a giant greenhouse as there are plants propagating on every windowsill and surface but those really are just temporary until it’s warm enough for them to go out in the garden!

personal touch to home decor

When it isn’t the seedling season, however, I do have a few house plants dotted around – although the cat has taken a personal dislike to many of them *sigh*.

Now that the cat insists on attacking most of my plants I tend to stick to some cut flowers in a vase.

I plan to grow my own in the garden but for now, the odd bunch of tulips, daffodils or whatever is in season makes such a difference to our space.

Even a bud vase with a cutting of your favourite flower can makes the space feel more like home.

5. Get creative!

I love to upcycle furniture, sew and craft which means I can add lots of personality to our home on a very tight budget.

At the moment I’ve just finished up-cycling this 1930s wardrobe which we got given and which has gone in our son’s nursery – I painted it a bright mustard yellow to match the rest of his room.

It makes me happy to know that our home has something unique, and also it only cost me £12 for the price of paint!

Even beginners can watch YouTube tutorials to make simple macrame wall or plant hangers, crochet a blanket or whip up a quick cushion cover.

If you travel try to pick up some fabrics locally – you can then create custom pieces for your home that remind you of your travels too.

So there you have 5 simple ways to add a personal touch to your home decor, what do you do to add personality to your home?



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