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About me - Better Together Home


Better Together Home is a travel and simple lifestyle blog written by Alex (that’s me!) and occasionally featuring content by Scott (the husband!).

I share snippets of my life as a working mama and wife, of our travels and the things that we love.

I’m passionate about exploring the World, trying great food and drinking craft beer. I’m a lover of red lipstick, interior design, shoes and meeting new people and when I’m not busy working, writing or exploring I can usually be found getting creative or crafty at home.

We are making a conscious move towards living a simpler life – stripping back the unnecessary ‘stuff’ and living a healthier, more environmentally friendly, self-sustainable and mindful life.

My family

My family are my absolute World.

Scott loves the outdoors, woodcraft, camping holidays and fitness. He is a big geek at heart and loves a good spiced rum.

Lily is 9 and is super creative and crafty, and loves to read, dance and bake!

Theo is 1 and loves broccoli, his teepee and music and dislikes sleeping through the night ๐Ÿ˜‰


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