My May Goals

Gosh I actually can’t believe that we are in May already! This year seems to be flying by – we are practically half way through now which is quite scary actually…

I love the start of a new month; it feels like a fresh beginning, especially when the weather is finally starting to warm up a little (emphasis on the word little as despite the blue skies it’s freezing here today!) I thought I’d embrace that feeling of a new start and take a few moments out of my day to set myself some little goals for the month ahead 🙂

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Fitbit Charge 2 Review: And how I’m using it to get fit!

I mentioned the other day in my #TheGoldenBurpee post that I recently got the Fitbit Charge 2 as a present from Scott (my husband) and that I am planning to walk the West Highland Way for Macmillan Cancer Support this summer (it’s a 96 mile walk eek!). I am determined to get fitter this year and I really think that using the Fitbit will help me achieve my goals 🙂


Now that my fractured foot is healed I am starting to do lots of long walks in preparation for the WHW, and whilst waiting for it to heal up over the last few weeks I set myself a minimum step count of 10k per day to increase my general fitness and motivate me to set myself better habits! Having my Fitbit with me every step of the way definitely keeps me on track and helps to motivate me to keep going when I’m struggling – even with my sore foot I found it really useful.

I love the fact that it monitors my heart rate with its PurePulse technology and lets me know when I am pushing myself enough to meet my targets, at the moment I am walking purely for distance but once my fitness level is better I will go back to jogging and so will be able to use the Fitbit’s monitoring tools to increase my speed and cardio health. Continue reading

#TheGoldenBurpee – Week 2

Gosh this week has completely flown by and has been immensely stressful for me thanks to work related issues BUT I’m really pleased to say that whereas usually I would have used that as an excuse to slack off I’ve actually used it to my advantage…homework

I work from home and have done for about 8 months and I found that whilst it increased my work productivity it has also increased my stress levels and my working hours – whereas before I would do my hour commute (a mix of walking and bus) and arrive at the office at 9am, leaving at five to get home for 6pm, now I’m on my laptop by 8:15 and often still typing away atgone 6:30 without having taken a lunch break. Even on days where I finish late I’ll find myself ‘just checking’ emails after my little one has gone to bed and that invariably leads to more working hours. It’s something I find I’m becoming quite resentful of – and I have realised that this needs to change as its having a damaging affect on my health. Continue reading

When you had to google burpee… #TheGoldenBurpee

Matty at Buggies and Barbells has created a new weekly blog linkup called #TheGoldenBurpee to help people smash their 2017 fitness goals. Now my fitness goal seemed pretty straightforward when I wrote it out ‘Get Fit’. But then I had to google to find out what a ‘burpee’ was and suddenly I was sinking before I’d even learnt to doggy paddle let alone swim!

There’s something about the World of fitness that, in all honesty, terrifies me. It wasn’t always that way – I was a gymnast, dancer, horse-rider and swimmer until a couple of years into secondary school when I *stupidly?!* decided drinking lambrini at the Southbank and sitting in a mates room listening to Greenday for hours on end was a much better way to spend my free time. Of course I put on weight, and then being the anxious person that I was I decided to live off of apples and swim miles every evening for the best part of a year when I was 16; leading to dangerously high weight loss and issues with eating that it took me many years to recover from.


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