Saving Money for Travel – My Top Tips

Growing up my dad (who had been in the Navy) was forever telling me stories of wild, exotic places; of fascinating cultures and people and amazing sights he saw when he travelled the World. I was always convinced that I would do the same until I got older and started my career and started to feel like Worldwide travel would be forever out of my grasp.

But last year I realised that to travel didn’t necessarily mean to go off and do it full time in the way that my dad did, but that by taking regular trips we could see the World in a lot more practical a way. That being said travel still costs money (despite my firm belief in the quote “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”) and so we are saving up for various trips that we want to take – ticking off our bucket lists tick by little tick.

This past year we’ve been able to go to some amazing places such as Prague, Scotland and Iceland, and we have some amazing trips planned for the rest of this year too such as Croatia and Berlin, so as you can imagine we’ve been putting away our pennies to go towards those! As we are saving as much as we can towards travel experiences I figured I’d share my top tips for saving money up for travel (or any other goals you might have!)

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Our Day Out at The British Museum

Last weekend Scott, Lily and I jumped on a bus and went to explore The British Museum in London. We are lucky to live within easy travel of most of the museums in London but have never really made the most of that so we have decided to start visiting more places – particularly as most of them are free entry so it’s a relatively cheap day out!

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Travel – 24 Hours in Glasgow – Travel Inspiration & City Guide


Accor Hotels have asked bloggers to share how they would spend 24 hours in their favourite cities – and my favourite city is, of course, Glasgow! Glasgow is without a doubt Scotland’s coolest city – it might not have Edinburgh’s regal looks but it’s got personality, culture and energy by the bucket load and it’s really quick and easy to get to!

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Travel – Scotland – Loch Goilhead & Glasgow

I just got back from an amazing trip to Scotland to spend time with family and friends. I am now literally EXHAUSTED and of course, as always when I get time off of work, I’ve come down with the flu!

I had a really really great time up in the North (where Winter seems to have been delayed btw) – I spent a couple of days up in Loch Goilhead, which is not far from Loch Lomond and then a few more days in Glasgow where I drank quite a bit of beer and got to see Biffy. F*cking. Clyro!!

In Loch Goilhead we stayed in a premier chalet at the Drimsynie estate holiday village – the chalet was a sweet wooden building with plenty of space and a good-sized hot tub which was a real bonus. I don’t think much could beat sitting in the hot tub with an ice cold beer and staring up at the stars.

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Glasgow Packing

Glasgow Packing

On Friday I fly up to Glasgow for 6 days with family and friends (living the jetsetter life obvs) and so i’m working out what I want to pack. Weather wise it’ll be COLD… like really really cold… and the southerner in me is dreaming of thermals!

Part of my trip will be spent hot-tubbing in Loch Lomond, the rest will be in Troon (on the coast) and in Glasgow city centre sampling the best beers and food around *can’t wait*

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I actually can’t believe that it’s already the 22nd November – this month has completely flown by and it’s been full of amazing adventures – and there are still more to come before the end of the month!

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