My Favourite Sandals for Summer!

I LOVE shoes – and I have quite a few pairs (although nothing like the 300-odd pairs I owned a few years back!) but one thing my wardrobe is distinctly lacking in this year is summer sandals. I’m not much of a heel girl so love that so many amazing flats come out in the Spring and Summer months – these are my favourite sandals for Summer on the high street right now…

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Blogger Event – Yours Tattoo app launch breakfast


This week I was invited to attend Yours Clothing’s Blogger breakfast for the launch of their new test-a-tattoo app and so yesterday I got up extra early and even brushed my hair (not that you can tell in any of the photos *yay*) and made my way over to the Bourne & Hollingsworth building in Islington.

Unfortunately the transport strikes turned what was supposed to be a simple 30 minute journey into a one and a half hour journey – leaving me a hot mess, literally sweating buckets and anxious as anything by the time I got there.

Thankfully the beautiful setting and the lovely people put me at ease and of course, me being me, within minutes I was oversharing over coffee with a bunch of strangers *yay for nerve induced talking* Continue reading