4 Ways To Be Productive During A Short Work Week

Oh I do so love a Bank Holiday weekend – an extra day to spend with family and friends; an extra evening to drink gin without worrying about the ‘adult headache’ the next day, the perfect excuse for a spa day or mini break… you get the drift! However what I really don’t love about a short work week is that you have only four days to get a full week’s work done AND it always feels so much harder to be productive and get everything done when your brain has had a few days off. So I thought I’d share four tips for you to┬áimplement that will help make your short work week productive and enjoyable ­čÖé

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Work – Life Balance


I’ll be honest here – i’m not entirely sure that there is such a thing as a perfect Work-Life Balance; the scales always seem to tip in one direction more than another and it’s so hard to juggle everything.

I have a very very busy life – I work full time (and often extra-time), have a ‘second job’ as a writer, I’m also a full-time mum, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an aunty, a friend, a blogger and so much more. There are so many hats that I need to wear throughout my week, or even just throughout my day that sometimes it feels as though I’m constantly dropping some or all of them. I’ve covered some of that feeling in my #MumGuilt post which you can read here too. Continue reading