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Every now and then I will feature guest posts from other bloggers – these may be standalone or part of a series. The views and opinions expressed in those posts are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect my own. When a guest blogger submits a post that is published I will advertise that post, including a link back to their social media channels, on my own social media for a minimum of one week after the post has gone live – I expect the same, including a link back to the original post to be done in return 🙂 The copyright for any guest blog materials remains with the author and they can publish the same post on their own blog with a minimum one week gap – preferably with a note to link back to where the post was originally published on my site. Any photographs included with their post are the responsibility of the author – it is their task to credit as necessary.

If you wish to submit a guest post then please contact me at



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